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Black Lightning Season 5 Release date and Future Explained

black lightning season 5

Black Lightning Season 5 Updates: As season 5 of Black Lighting is not happening on the CW,  what does the future book for the  characters of the freeland in the Arrowverse? 2020 has been a big game-changer for the properties of Arrowverse after the crisis on the Infinite Earths and the conclusion of Arrow.

In September 2020, the network  ha network has revealed that the Supergirl which would end after the sixth and final season of its. But there has been a shocking turn of the events happening in November 2020, The CW has proceeded with announcing that Black Lighting Season 4 which would be the last installment of the show.

Black Lightning Season 5 Future

Despite having just added Black Lighting to the same universe as per the other Arrowverse shows. The CW has been bringing the Freeland-centric drama to an end.

black lightning season 5 release date

With the season 4 of Black lighting has been shooting at that point, but it has not just shocked the fans, but also the creative team and cast of the show. The season 4 of Black lighting is going to come with the final war to be held against Tobias Whale, as the finale of the series had seen Jefferson Pierce taking off his arch-nemesis once and for all. Despite that the season 5 of Balck Lighting is not being on the card, the finale of the series is not always the end when you are existing in a shared universe like the Arrowverse.

As long as the other shows has been still runned, the characters from the finished drama Arrowverse can also swing by always for a guest spot or the recurring arc. As there their no season 5 of Black Lighting , What coult the Arrowverse is going to do with these characters outside their show?

Is it the Finale Season?

The finale od the Black Lighting series has seen Jefferson had officially been rited from the the superhero gig, at least as the Freeland’s protector. The finale scene has also shown Jefferson passing the torch to the Thunder, Lighting and Grace , while announcing that he and Lynn Stewart are going to get re-married. As the season 5 is happening in the nest year it is not so that Cress William can not suit somewhere else. It has seen likely that fans will not have have to wait for long for Jefferson to be back in Arrowverse.


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