Cruel Summer Episode 7 Release Date, Time and Other Details

Cruel Summer Episode 7 Updates: It can be seen that the Cruel Summer which released on Freeform is a complete package of twists and turns. But, here the question is when the seventh episode is going to be released and what is the total number of episodes?

Since the day Cruel Summer arrived on screen, its been the must watch TV show ever.

This series was originally launched as a two hour special on Freeform from twentieth April, 2021 and fans are going gaga about the series. All are just waiting for the seventh episode to be released to see what happens next to the story.

The series is based on the life story of Jeanette Turner who is a nerd and is befriended by Kate Wallis. Kate Wallis is one of the most popular teenage girls in their small town, Texas.

This series is set in the times of 1993, 1994, 1995 simultaneously. However, as soon as the two meet each other, it is seen that Kate goes missing and there is no trace of her anywhere, people even are seen assuming that she might have died.

Jeanette’s life completely changes soon after the news of Kate going missing has started circulating. This happens because now Jeanette has replaced Kate as the most popular teenage girl in their small town. Then she even goes on becoming the social outcast.

When Is Cruel Summer Episode 7 Going To Release?

According to the reports, the seventh episode of the series Cruel Summer is going to be released on Freeform at 10 pm ET which is on Tuesday, the 25th of May.

The episodes of Cruel Summer is also available online on Hulu, just after the release of the episode on Freeform. Episode seven is about to release on Hulu at 6:01 am ET and another timing is 3:01 am PT on the 26th of May.

The seventh episode is titled as ‘Happy Birthday’. In this episode, Kate Wallis is seen to struggle with her family secrets that she has been holding on until now.

Joy tries his level best to convince Kate to attend ‘The Marsha Bailey Show’. Mallory has a best idea for the birthday surprise.

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