Castlevania Season 4 Cast & Characters

Castlevania Season 5 Details

Castlevania Season 4 Updates: Castlevania is an American dark fantasy action adventure horror drama series created by Warren Ellis. It is based on Castlevania japanese video game series by Konami.

The cast is luggaged with talent voice actors.

As previous announcements by Netflix , Castlevania series is going to be end with season 4.  But some fake  announcements and rumours are spreading saying that another series will be soon.

By the way, the series is at its end point so this season going to fantastic and marvelous than before with extraordinary performances.

So here is the cast details who are going to be apart of this series:

Richard Armitage As Trevor Belmont:

Richard Armitage is still in the Castlevania season 4 as Trevor Belmont. Armitage is playing  the leading role in this series. He also played a major roles in many series.

Castlevania Season 4: Alejandra Reynoso As Sypha Belnades

 Castlevania Season 4

Magician Sypha Belnades’s voice is by speaker Alejandra Reynoso. This role is one of the less established members in the cast. But the work is markable. This is the fantastic role and hopefully lead to many more further opportunities. She also having voiced to many video games earlier.

James Callis As Alucard:

James Callis is working as Alucard, the lonely, introspective son of Drakula and Lisa Tepes. Callis plays a wonderfull role in the series it is highly remarkable.  Apart of Castlevania , Callis is best known for playing Gaius Baltar in the Battlestar Galactica reboot series and Tom in the Bridget Jones movies.

Theo James As Hector:

Theo James is going to appear as Hector , a troubled and abused forgemaster. James is not a stranger to video game series. He is well known for playing Four in the Divergent films and David in the Underworld series and many more.

Apart of main cast there are many more supporting actors like Morana, Striga, and the Captain all return from season 3, voiced respectively by Yasmine Al Massri (CrossbonesQuantico), Ivana Miličević (Casino RoyaleGotham), and Lance Reddick (The WireJohn Wick).