Ragnarok Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer, and Everything

Ragnarok Season 2 Updates: The rest of the giants would have to make their presence in the second season of “Ragnarok”, whose filming began in September. Created by Adam Price (“Ride Upon the Storm”), “Ragnarok” Is the second original series of the Norwegian-language streaming platform.

More than a year after the broadcast of its first season, Ragnarök returns to Netflix with a second season, to be discovered on May 27 on Netflix. This Norwegian teen series was created by Adam Price ( Borgen ) and mixes Norse mythology, fantasy and ecological discourse.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN Ragnarok Season 2?


In a Norwegian village polluted and troubled by melting glaciers, the end of time seems very real. But while the future of humanity may well rest on a teenager who mysteriously inherited superhuman faculties, will Judgment Day be precipitated by the climate emergency or will it be the result of a new clash between gods and giants?

At the end of the first season of “Ragnarok”, Magne faced Vidar, the leader of the Jutul family, and although it seemed that the Giant would win, Magne managed to invoke the power of Thor and got lightning to strike both of them. The fight ended with Magne unconscious and no word from Vidar.

Therefore, in the second installment of the series, Netflix Magne will have to fight the remaining giants. So far, only the Jutul family are known, however, more giants and potential gods are likely to appear.

Likewise, Laurits has repeatedly hinted that he is actually Loki, although he was taken as a joke, he could also become the new villain of fiction.

The filming of the second season of ” Ragnarok ” officially began on September 2.

Is the Series worth to Watch

After Borgen , considered one of the best political fictions ever produced, and In the name of the father, which revisited the family drama by weaving a moving reflection on religion and faith, the Danish screenwriter and producer Adam Price takes on the genre from the teen series with Ragnarök. A title that refers to the end of the world in Norse mythology and that will necessarily mean something to fans of the Thor film franchise.

But if that’s the question, hidden somewhere under a layer of teenage issues and environmental disturbances, gods and clashes between ancestral creatures, fans of Marvel and fantasy tales teeming with action scenes and effects. Specials might just be disappointed with this new Norwegian Netflix Original Series. Because, above all, Ragnarök is an intimate drama about the state of planet Earth and the urgency to save it.

It all starts in a rather intriguing way when young Magne settles, with his brother Laurits and his mother Turid, in the fictional small town of Edda and witnesses sudden climate changes. For Magne follows a most strange encounter with a prophetic old lady and the manifestation of superpowers (related to Thor?) That he did not suspect. It feels like we’re facing an origin story worthy of that of Spider-Man (the teenager’s glasses become obsolete being a wink most certainly assumed).

But the mythical and fantastic purpose of the series quickly fades into the background, revealing Ragnarök’s real subject: the climate emergency. To the basic high school intrigues, often seen and reviewed, which punctuate the initiatory journey of Magne, who is still unaware that he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, is indeed superimposed a real environmental statement that makes the series of Adam Price a committed ecological fable aimed at the young generation.

One of the characters, Isolde, an environmental activist who warns her comrades about the dangers of plastic and water pollution, and spreads her concern on YouTube, makes elsewhere think of a potential Greta Thunberg and it is probably not for nothing that the latter is mentioned in a sequence. And it is precisely an event linked to Isolde which will precipitate the action of the series in an investigation carried out by Magne which could well reveal to all eyes a large-scale environmental disaster.

Slow to put in place and to move the pawns of its plot finally not provided with many twists, this first season in six episodes of Ragnarök looks like a long introduction before a season 2, even if certain elements end up finding a rather enough conclusion. satisfactory at the end of a final that we would have liked a little more epic.

But thanks to a neat soundtrack, an aesthetic reminiscent of The Rain, and endearing characters overall very well interpreted (special mention to Jonas Strand Gravli who flies over the rest of the cast in the skin of a Lorits that we would have liked more present and reminiscent of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki by certain features), we get carried away without displeasure in this teenage series that goes off the beaten track by adopting a new political and ecological approach.

In which a new confrontation awaited between gods and giants, ancestral enemies still present on Earth in the greatest secrecy, ultimately serves as a more or less fine metaphor for the struggle waged by militants against industrialists who ignore and, worse, even participate in the degradation and pollution of the planet. Despite a lack of action and too sporadic dose of the fantastic, Ragnarök finds the right tone to speak to those who today are the most concerned and the most involved in the ecological fight – the young people – and strikes us more than never relevant: if the end of the world a day ago,


Season 2 Confirmed Release Date

Season 2 of Ragnarok Will premiere on May 27, 2021, on Netflix.

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