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Stranger Things Season 4 Rumors, Theories, Spoilers, and Release Date

Stranger Things Season 4 Details

Stranger Things Season 4 Updates: Stranger Things season 4 has been the most highy anticipated season of a Netflix show lately. Stranger Things is also one of the most watched shows on Netflix right now, and fans are trying to gather up more and more information about the release of its new season.

We are able to report so many rumours about the upcoming season, and also theories and spoilers about the show are on peak nowadays. So we just thought of noting down all the points and gather them at one place so it’s easy for the readers to get the full access of the information about the show.

Although, Netflix is yet to release the official release date of Stranger Things season 4, but we have mentioned about a prediction date for the release below in the article.

Stranger Things Season 4 Rumours

There are a lot of weird rumours about the series Stranger Things season 4 which are circulating round the web! The most interesting one was the one talking about the shooting of season 4 and season 5 simultaneously, but honestly it does not make any sense and we actually don’t feel that it is happening.

As we all know that during this time of the pandemic where people are being infected so easily, its very difficult for the production to gather all the actors and take time to shoot for both the seasons together.

Stranger Things Season 4 - Maya Hawke take on Final Season

Also, this season is going to be the most difficult one to film, as this is going to consist a huge cast, action sequences, special effects, and also safety precautions. We also knew that Season 4 is going to last more than the rest of the seasons.

Another rumour also tells the story for season 4 is going to begin in the year 1986. The Byers will be moving to a sunny or beachy location, which is most likely to be Florida or California.

And more information on that note is going to be released. There was even a rumour that Kali, who was last seen in season 2 escaping from the police is going to return back in the fourth season.


Apart from the rumours, the most exciting part of the fourth season are the theories of the same. It is very difficult for us to know what’s exactly right or what’s not right, but we know a little about the world of the show which is the Upside Down. The reason behind what Dr. Brenner and his colleagues were doing at the Hawkins National Lab is also unknown.

We hope that the latest season will be a spring reason and is most likely to release in between the month of February and May this year.