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One Piece Chapter 1013: Adieu to Big Mom with a Whimper

One Piece Chapter 1013

One Piece Chapter 1013 Updates: A struggle with Big Mom in One Piece Chapter 1013 culminates with a startling, yet undignified, sacrifice.

After being thrown from the roof of Onigashima due to the combined efforts of Law, Kidd, Killer, and Zoro in One Piece Chapter 1009, Big Mom casually introduced a new comrade named Hera. Hera, Zeus’ thundercloud companion, finally appears in Chapter 1013, which is bad news for him. Going forward with Chapter 1012, Usopp is adamant that he and Nami leave with Tama, but Nami is determined that she would not move after Ulti injured the tiny kunoichi. While Nami throws her next blow, Tornado Tempo, Ulti stands up. Ulti, on the other hand, manages to escape the attack and catches Nami.

Nonetheless, as Ulti prepares to strike Nami in the head with yet another lethal blow, Big Mom executes a coordinated attack on the Tobiroppo, involving her comrades Napoleon, Prometheus, and the newly unveiled Hera, knocking Ulti out completely. After being saved by Big Mom’s assault, Nami and Usopp attempt to flee, but Nami spots Zeus following them. After witnessing how easily Big Mom replaced Zeus, he feels abandoned. Nami ignores him when he tries to grab her attention. When Big Mom reappeared, Zeus had no problem returning to her side.

Big Mom Shows his Cruel Angle in One Piece Chapter 1013

One Piece Chapter 1013

When Zeus finally gets Big Mom’s attention, Yonko has Hera eat Zeus to absorb his power. As Zeus apologizes and begs for his life to be spared, Big Mom’s cruelty is on full display when he informs Zeus that if he is truly remorseful, he will let Hera swallow his soul. Big Mom pulls Tama from Nami and Usopp’s hands to finish off the Straw Hats without hurting her. Despite this, Zeus defeats Hera and apologizes to Nami for assassinating her on Big Mom’s orders. He then attempts to save them with a lightning storm, but Big Mom squashes the little cloud as easily as a fly in her palm.

Nami approached Ulti directly in the previous chapter, only for Big Mom to dismiss her in Chapter 1013. With a full-fledged battle, this chapter provides the ideal occasion to show off Nami’s more scary side. It was a complete waste of talent for them to end it so soon. Kidd taking over to challenge Big Mom should be exciting, but it’s tough to say how the scrap metal pirate will fare against the Yonko, who can direct thunderstorms.

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