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Mare of Easttown Season 2: Removes 3 Suspects & Creates 5 More

Mare of Easttown Episode 5 Release Date

Mare of Easttown Season 2 Updates: The mystery of who killed Erin McMenamin on Mare of Easttown is still in the open after episode 5. Some of the main prime suspects.

The Episode 5 of Mare of Easttown removed about three suspects and there is a introduction of five more. The crime drama has given viewers some major twists during episode 5.

Mare played by Kate Winslet and her detective partner Colin Zabel played by Evan Peters follows a lead that soon take a turn into a shootout which left Zabel dead and left audiences in shock and sad end of detective’s fate.

While Zabel’s gunshot was the highlight of the show, the question that arises was who murdered single mom Erin McMenamin.

Ever since Mare found Erin’s body in second episode, viewers have a theory about every character on the show and had some plausible reason to kill Erin. Frank Sheehan, who has a alibi in form of fiancée’s odd behavior. Episode 5 shifted a likely guilty verdict away from characters.

Mare of Easttown Season 2: Suspects

Mare of Easttown Plot

Billy’s reaction to Mare’s questions about Erin was enough for Mare to test his DNA. Viewers also saw a rough patch in John and Lori’s marriage. John’s dynamic with his son has also changed.

Ryan’s knowledge of his father’s extramarital affair, it has a feeling that the secret is far bigger than just infidelity. John gave Frank an alibi but John claimed to be hungover the morning after Erin’s murder but he was okay enough to drive and on the way deliver Frank home, take a photo.

Since the identity of the father of Erin’s baby has become a primary piece of the puzzle it can be interpreted that Ross brothers pulled the trigger. However, the trio is trying to cover up something, with Jess not giving complete information and lying to Mare.

Mare of Easttown excluded Brianna Delrasso from the list of suspects but viewers had some doubts, but Brianna proved her innocence in the most recent episode.

Dylan had also fallen off the suspects briefly after he was shot by Erin’s dad. Although, Mark Burton disposed Erin’s bike, his story about events unfolding that evening gives an explanation for his actions.

The connection between Erin’s death and Katie’s disappearance was supposed to be a connection. It is always some twist like the killer is someone Mare knows, and if this trend continues, it will be a devastating blow to her.