Is Descendants 4 is Coming soon or not?: All information about the Disney Movie

Descendants 4 Updates: Three years after the first success and one year after Part 2, the fans can be really happy: “Descendants 3” is coming on TV! We have all the information for you!

Germany start known for “Descendants 4”!

In America, “Descendants 4” started last August. Unfortunately overshadowed by sad news: Because of the death of Cameron Boyce, the premiere of “Descendants 3” has been canceled. After it was unclear for a long time when the popular film would be shown in Germany, there is now an official start date. The film will air on March 13, 2020, at 8:15 p.m. on Disney Channel. Only one month later, from April 16, 2020, you can also buy “Descendants 3 – Die Nachkommen” on DVD.

Dove Cameron in the BRAVO interview for “Descendants 4”

We met leading actress Dove Cameron for an interview for “Descendants 3” and asked her your questions! In an interview, she also revealed what her best memory of Descendants 3 “is:” We made so many wonderful memories during this time. The most beautiful, however, is the day on which we shot the last scenes. There was an official party a few days later, but that evening we decided that we would all remove our make-up and slip into our pajamas so that we could buy all our favorite snacks together in a shop, which we then ate in my hotel room. We lay around the whole evening, chilled and cuddled – I’ll never forget that! “As she relates this, Dove becomes very emotional. Sometimes it’s the little moments that make us happiest. See the whole interview here:

“Descendants 4”: The official trailer is here!

On August 2nd, the time has finally come: “Descendants 3” will be released on Disney Channel and DisneyNow! To increase the anticipation a little, the official trailer for the Disney film with Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, and Co. has now been released. The trailer for the third part of “Descendants” starts with a bang: Ben proposes to Mal and asks her if she will be his queen. Audrey doesn’t like that at all! Mal can not enjoy this dreamy life for long, however, because the evil Hades flees and causes chaos. Then Maleficent’s scepter and the queen’s crown disappear too! In addition, almost all of Auradon falls under the sleep spell. Who do you think is responsible for this?

“Descendants 3” Trailer: The third part will be so awesome

The clip, which is only thirty seconds long, indicates a great danger for our favorite team. In less than a minute, “Descendants 3” promises to be really awesome with action-packed sword fights, ominous secrets, and of course lots of colorful wigs. As noted by “TVLine”, the third film follows other “villain children”. It will be the “most epic battle” ever. And it’s clear that the fans aren’t the only ones excited about the third film. Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, and Co. are also very excited about how the third part will be received by the audience.

Almost five million fans worldwide have already watched the short clip. And they ask themselves: What will the third part of “Descendants” be about? The video gives a brief insight: Mal (played by Dove Cameron) walks confused through a mysterious, creepy forest, finds a bright light at the end – and calls for her dad! Krass, will the new film be about Mal’s father? That was previously unknown, only her wicked mother Maleficent (Kristin Chenoweth) could be seen in the first parts. It would definitely be exciting!

But of course, our well-known favorites will play again! In addition to the main actor’s Dove Cameron as Mal, Cameron Boyce as Carlos, Sofia Carson as Evie, Booboo Stewart as Jay and Mitchell Hope as Ben, China Anne McClain as Uma, Melanie Paxson as the fairy godmother, and Brenna as her daughter Jane were already from Disney for confirmed the third part. And Anna Cathcart is also there again! In the second part, she already had a small role as Dizzy Tremaine, the daughter of Drizella Tremaine. But now it will finally be seen more often! And the 15-year-old Canadian has a lot of other success in business: She just grabbed the role in the Netflix films “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “The Kissing Booth”.

When is “Descendants 4” coming out?

Fans still have to be patient. As Disney further explained, “Descendants 3” will not appear in America until the summer of 2019. When the film will be released in Germany is still unknown. But there is hope that it won’t take much longer: Part two came last year only about two months after the US premiere on the pay-TV channel Disneys Cinemagic and a few weeks later on Pro7 and on the German Disney Channel. We can therefore assume that the next part will be shown on German television in autumn 2019.

By the way, we met the main actors Sofia Carson and BooBoo Stewart for an interview in 2015. Check out the video and find out what was going on behind the scenes of the shooting.

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