Castlevania Season 5: Dracula’s Death Was Worth A Risk Taken by Makers

Castlevania Season 5 Updates: Although it’s difficult to beat Dracula, his death in Castlevania aided the tales of Carmilla, Isaac, Hector, and Death. Dracula was introduced as the main antagonist in Castlevania, but he was killed in Season 2.

Killing off such a famous villain at the halfway point seems dangerous. Dracula is a one-of-a-kind villain, but now that he’s gone, characters like Carmilla, her sisters, and Death have been able to add more obstacles to the mix.

Carmilla’s plan was not to wipe civilization from the face of the earth. Instead, she desired to dominate it, confining humans to “pens” so that they could serve as an endless supply of food. She also believed she had a right to the universe because mankind had refused to do something about it.

Whereas Dracula sought revenge by annihilating mankind, Carmilla posed a new threat to the world, prolonging humanity’s suffering forever, and her motivations were more rational for the vampire race while also remaining greedy, cementing her as a fascinating villain. Her sisters, on the other hand, revealed a new side of vampires.

They initially supported her proposal, but as Carmilla’s expectations increased, so did their reservations. Humans were animals to Morana, Striga, and Lenore, however, it didn’t suggest they had to enslave all.

Morana felt bad about it, and she and Striga questioned if it was really worth it to carry out Carmilla’s proposal because they were happier just being together.

Castlevania Season 5: How Death Proved to Surpass Dracula?

Even Dracula has converted to civilization thanks to Lisa before the main events of Castlevania. Although neither of the sisters formed relationships with humans the way Dracula did with Lisa, they demonstrated that vampires may have empathy towards mortals, although perverse empathy.

Death was an ominous myth that became true in Castlevania, a seemingly unkillable entity. Death was the only one who could surpass Dracula’s villain job, while still proving that Trevor was much more brave and powerful than ever.

Dracula is a fantastic character in Castlevania, and there’s so much more that should have been done for him, but killing him off in Season 2 was a calculated gamble.

Even if he was no longer alive, his influence on the world and characters could still be felt. It was nice seeing Dracula back in the end in a small, more peaceful role, particularly because he had already done his job as the big bad a few seasons before, and this helped others to follow in his footsteps or develop as characters.

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