Huawei Is Going To Launch 3 Affordable Foldable Smartphones!

Foldable Smartphones by Huawei

Foldable Smartphones are the future. This has been said time and again by various tech experts and giants. And looks like the first step has been taken in the direction of making foldable, more affordable. Huawei is preparing to launch three foldable smartphones which would be aggressively priced.

While brands like Samsung and Huawei try to experiment in this segment with the design and the working, there also needs to be a focus on making them accessible to many. It is only then that this concept would be adopted and hopefully, appreciated.

Huawei had faced a huge setback after it was banned by the US. The brand was at its peak and was about to break all records and set new heights when this tragedy took place. Was it a good move on the part of the US or not, well that’s a story for another day. However, looks like Huawei isn’t thinking of taking a step behind. It could prove to be a huge comeback. The foldable which are available currently are really expensive, and launching an aggressively priced model could prove to be disruptive.

Huawei Is Going To Launch 3 Affordable Foldable Smartphones!

Foldable Smartphones by Huawei

However, the biggest question that would arise would be the software and hardware issues. Huawei can’t put Google services on its devices. It is even finding it difficult to get hardware support from giants like TSMC and Qualcomm. How do they cope with it, and how do they keep the stocks, we’ll have to see.

As per the latest reports from Digitimes, Huawei is thinking of launching three new foldable smartphones in the market and these would be priced in the mid-range category and not the premium. If the prices of foldable go down, it would result in the higher interest of people in this segment as well as increased demand and acceptance. Rivals such as Samsung would then have to bring out cheaper counterparts to have an edge in the market, which would be great for consumers.

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The reports added that the increase in popularity of foldable would mean that the global shipment of AMOLED displays could increase from 4.4 million in 2021 to 12 million.

So what do you think about foldable smartphones? Do you think they’re the future? Do you wish to own one? Let us know in the comments.

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