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Frank Of Ireland Season 2 Confirmed? Everything You Should Know

Frank of Ireland Season 2
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Frank Of Ireland Season 2 Updates: “Frank of Ireland” is an Irish comedy television series which was premiered on channel 4 on 15th April and Amazon prime on 16th April. Keeping with the 2021 trend, comedy genre is getting ahead to help people find relief in these trying times.

It is created by Brian Gleeson, Domhnall Gleeson, and Michael Moloney, the show has James Mather as the cinematographer, Steve Ackroyd as editor, and music composed by Jody Jenkins.

He is an aspiring singer/songwriter but has not been able to write anything for the past six years after breaking up with his girlfriend. The other main characters in the show are Frank’s mother, Mary(Pom Boyd), his extremely loyal best friend Doofus(Domhnall Gleeson), and Frank’s ex-girlfriend Aine(Sarah Greene).

Since there has only been one season that covered only a tiny part of the characters’ lives there is a lot left to work with for the future seasons.

All About Frank Of Ireland Season 2

Frank of Ireland Season 2
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Overall, the show did well, but when watched closely it had very low humour which had more chances of making the audience comfortable than laugh.

Most parts of the show has been shot in Dublin, to make the setting seem more real and that is also the birthplace of the Gleeson brothers.

We could all agree on the fact that it is still too soon to hear any concrete news about the second season but upon asking Brian about it; he said that they would like to but it’s not easy to work with so much during the times of COVID.

He also revealed that both Brian and Domhnall have other projects planned for this year, where Brian would be appearing in a TV show, Domhnall has plans of being in a play.

Well, we can just hope to see the Gleeson brothers together again on the screen sometime soon until then, stay tuned for more updates.

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