Apple Return Policy: How Long & What You Need To Know Explained

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Apple Return Policy: Apple Products are famous for retaining high value even after a long time. Even Apple allows the users to return the purchased products directly from Apple Stores.

There are quite a lot of people who know the fact that Apple products have great value, but the ones who don’t, and are considering Apple products for the first time, need to know about it.

Many existing customers of Apple know that buying a new device means to upgrade rather than anything else. Whether you are buying a new generation iPhone, or upgrading your MacBook, or buying a watch of a new series, what you really are doing is making sure that your tech. toolkit remains updated to latest standards.

Apple is very conservative when it comes to giving updates to their next generation devices, especially iPhones. If you have a look at the upgrades that are there in consecutive models, you will find only incremental ones.

Though they gave a very huge update when they went with the M1 Chip in the MacBook. Apple also gives its consumers the option to have a hands-on with the newly launched devices.

They also provide a unique feature such as the Apple Watch Studio, where they give online tools for the customers to further customize devices according to their own taste.

You need to upgrade if you want to have a hands-on with the latest technologies and sensors that have been introduced in the market. A return however, can be spontaneous. You never know when the device starts to have issues, nothing really can be done about it.

Apple Return Policy Details

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Apple has a return policy that allows customers to return a product for up to 14 days after the date of purchase. And if you have bought the device online, which many do nowadays, especially in these times, then the 14-day period of return starts from the day when the item has been received by the customer.

However these are the conditions that apply on the devices bought in the US only. Other countries might have some different regulations. If you have not violated any conditions that Apple provides for a return to be accepted, you should not have any issues with respect to returning the device.

Some points to note:

If you have bought the device through a third-party seller, you won’t be able to return the same through an official retail store.

Hardware purchases like iPhones, AirPods etc. can be replaced even if the seal has been opened.

What do you think about Apple’s return policy? Have you ever have had to return any Apple devices that you bought? What is the return policy which applies to your country? Do let us know in the comments.

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