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Jupiter’s Legacy Tells The Superman Story DC Can Never Do

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JUPITER’S LEGACY (L to R) TENIKA DAVIS as PETRA SMALL in episode 102 of JUPITER’S LEGACY Cr. Steve Wilkie/Netflix © 2021

Jupiter’s Legacy Updates: “Jupiter’s Legacy” is a supernatural superhero fantasy television series based on the comic series written by Mark Millar. The show is about a team of four superheroes with very high principles which are broken by the next generation.

The greatest superhero – Sheldon Sampson- Utopian creates a superhero team called – Union of Justice. The story is similar to superhero stories like Superman and Justice League by DC comics but is also different in a way that this has multi-generational realm where the superhero is a father and a husband and they nurture their children and see them growing up, learning while making mistakes.

This comics series could also be seen as an adaptation of the DC comic “Kingdom Come” where Superman comes back to Earth after his retirement to bring order back to the world which has been turned upside down by the newer generations.

In Jupiter’s Legacy, the main principle is never killing one’s enemy which is also taken from “Superman”. This principle becomes harder to follow by the younger generation as the villains become more heinous and violent than before.

Jupiter’s Legacy: The Superman

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Among many different things between DC shows and Jupiter’s Legacy, one that stands out the most is that “Jupiter’s Legacy” is exploring more than DC would ever do with its superheroes. And coming back to the similarities, they are kind of hard to miss with both Utopian and Superman being the greatest superhero of the world, each having their own superhero team.

Both of them age slowly but the fact that Superman is never actually shown ageing at whereas Utopian is shown wild hair that has grown white which is a rejection of the conventional middle aged superheroes.

The creators of Superman, to make him seem relevant, never show him on television as anything that is not compatible with the present generation whereas Jupiter’s Legacy took a big step forward by showing the superheroes with their children and their superhero abilities and fights.

Maybe it’s time we switch from our favourite superhero and give chance to others.

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