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Samuel L. Jackson & 9 Other Actors Who Need To Be In Tarantino’s Final Movie

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Tarantino Updates: Quentin Jerome Tarantino is an American film director, screenwriter, producer and actor whose movies have all been very popular and have had a dedicated cult following.

Tarantino, has always said that he would only create ten movies so that he doesn’t lose touch with the audience.  So after creating movies like Reservoir Dogs, Django Unchained and Once Upon a time in Hollywood etcetera which amount for 9 movies he is going to create only one more movie. Fans are very excited to see many actors featuring in his last movie and here’s a list of the top 10.

All Actors of Tarantino

1) Samuel L Johnson – Samuel L Johnson was not an actor in Tarantino’s first film but still left a huge impact with his acting in the three movies – Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and The Hateful Eight.  He is considered the best we definitely hope to see him in the last work of his.

2) Kurt Russell – Kurt Russell stands out even if he has a small part in the movie. His role in movies like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The hateful Eight has left the fans wanting to see more of him.

3)Uma Thurman – Uma Thurman and her spectacular acting is hard to forget and she must be brought back in the last film of his.

4)Tim Roth – Tim Roth ha seven with Tarantino since the very first film and it would only be justifiable to get him back for his last film as well

5) Zoe Bell – She started as a casting double and then was cast as a supporting actresses in other films which shows her excellence and it would be nice to see her in the last film.


6) Bruce Dern – Bruce Dern has appeared in all of the movies of Tarantino since 2010, so we most definitely are expecting this actor in the last film.

7) Michael Madsen – He has appeared in four of the films in a very short role but fans want to see more of him in the final movie.

8) Pam Grier- She only starred in Jackie Brown but with her awesome acting, the fans are rooting for her to make a return.

9) Harvey Keitel – He worked on two films with Tarantino alongside and the last movie would be a nice way of saying goodbye to Tarantino.

10)Christopher Waltz – With Waltz in two of his Oscar nominated film – Basterd and Django Unchained, Tarantino should definitely give him another chance in his final movie.
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