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Horimiya Season 2: Is a season 2 on it’s way

Horimiya Season 2

Horimiya Season 2 Updates: Hori san to Miyamura kun or Horimiya, in general, is an anime adapted from the manga horimiya written by Hiroki Adachi. Horimiya has been gaining popularity among anime fans all over the world. Horimiya made its debut on aniplex on January 10, 2021.The first season of this romance slice of life anime ran for 13 episodes and concluded on april 4,2021.

The plot of Horimiya Season 2

As per Wikipedia, Horimiya is a classic School romance story of two teenagers named Izumi miyamura and kyoko Hori. Despite being in the same class, Izumi and Kyoko hardly talked with each other. Until one day, Izumi brings Kyoko’s little brother (sota) to her house after sota’a face got hurt. At first glance, Kyoko was not able to recognize that it was his classmate because his appearance was very much different from how he looked in the class. One thing led to another and they decided to keep seeing each other at Kyoko’s house. From there on, the series focuses on how they maintain their relationship with each other with their school life..

Season 2 Details

Horimiya Season 2 Plot

Amongst the huge variety of romance-slice of life anime present nowadays, what separates horimiya from the rest is how good the lead of the show is written. This anime does not dawdle on the same old “will they,won’t they” question. Izumi confesses his love to Kyoko in the fourth episode of the series and their relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend continues from thereon. Also, a seperate storyline of the relationship of the side character also runs inside this anime.

The Producers of horimiya have not made any official announcement about season 2 of horimiya. The relationship of kyoko and Izumi have been made very specific in the first season so it very unlikely for the show to be getting a second season. However, the manga of horimiya has been completed. With 122 chapters, fans can enjoy the full story of horimiya. For anime fans, it feels like season 2 of horimiya will not be adapted in an anime.

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