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Yasuke Season 2: When will it renewed? – Release Date, Cast and Plot Details

Yusuke Season 2 Release Date

Yasuke Season 2: After the successful reviews about the first season of Yusuke. Fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the sequel to this anime series. Yasuke is made by MAPPA CO LTD studios that has also given us some extraordinary animes. Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen are some of the well-known works from this animation studio. Though there is no official release of any dates or the news that Yusuke would be receiving a season 2.

However, the initial response of the anime shows that a season 2 is most probable to come. Also, the story of the first season is left at a cliffhanger. So it is only sensible to think that a second season would be released. Also, anime like this are easy to produce in comparison to live-action series so there is no reason to think that a season 2 would not be possible due to a problem in the budget of the show.

The plot of  Yasuke Season 2

Yusuke Season 2 Characters

Yasuke is an anime series created by LeSean Thomas. The story of Yusuke revolves around a black man named Yusuke. The story is set in an alternate reality that means that the facts of the story are different from than ours. This world has magic and advanced technologies associated with it. Yasuke was a ronin but due to several circumstances decides to quit the life of a mercenary. After 20 years of leaving his past life as a samurai, Yasuke lives his life as a boatman under the alias- Hassan. As the story progresses Sasuke meets a lady named Ichika at a bar and agrees to take her and her daughter saki to a doctor. Saki is a sick girl with mysterious powers. From there on Sasuke protects the two as they face several problems along the way.

As per the reception of its Season 1 the fans will get Season 2 very soon, they won’t have to wait longer.

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