Mother’s Day 2021: Origin, Greetings, GIF, Gift Ideas, WhatsApp Messages and Short Videos

Mother’s Day 2021 is on 9th May of this year, Aa maximum population of the world is inside their homes due to COVID-19 Pandemic, So this year would be the best for children to celebrate Mother’s Day with their mothers. Here in this article, we have discussed Mother’s Day Origin, Greeting Cards, WhatsApp Messages, and Shorty Videos and Quotes on MOther’s day.

Origin of Mother’s Day

As per Wikipedia, The fact of commemorating the Mother is a very old fact since it is attested that in ancient Greece, the Greeks paid homage to the goddess Rhea (also known as Cybele), the mother of all gods.  The debate over the idea of ​​a celebration paying official homage to mothers was first broached by Napoleon in 1806, but Mother’s Day was not ultimately implemented (note: no reliable source). But it was not until the end of the First World War to see the establishment of the first “mother’s day” 3 in 1918.

The city of Lyon initiated it: the purpose of this day was to pay tribute to women. mothers and wives who lost their sons or husbands during the war 4. In 1920, a Mother’s Day with large families was created and the government formalized a Mother’s Day in 1929 5 .

Marshal Pétain also wished to reward mothers of families who had only one child and entered National Mothers Day in the calendar in 1941 3. It was on May 24, 1950, that this celebration was definitively formalized, President Vincent Auriol having promulgated a law on Mother’s Day 6. The date of the celebration is set for the last Sunday in May (the first Sunday in June if Pentecost falls at the same time).

Mother’s Day 2021: Celebration

Mother’s Day is a day specially dedicated to our mothers. The organization is generally entrusted to their children who can decide to prepare the meal for them. The complicity of the father allows them to keep an effect of surprise. We owe the teachers the famous necklace of dough and other small gifts made with love by the children who are proud to offer this gift. When they grow up, flowers, perfume, jewelry replace this traditional present.

Mother’s Day 2021 WhatsApp Messages

SIMPLE AND SHORT TEXTS – Mother’s Day 2021

Confused About What To Write On A Mother’s Day Card? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find the right words. Here are short, cool sentences that you should like.

Thanks for always being there mom. Happy Birthday.

Thanks to you, I am me! Thank you … and happy birthday.

Happy Mother’s Day. I think of you with a lot of love and tenderness!

Mom is the universal word that means Love. Happy Birthday !

Happy birthday to the most awesome mom in history!

Happy birthday to my mom, my angel, my friend!

Thanks to you, I am me! Happy Birthday Mom !

On the occasion of your birthday, I wish you a very nice day my little mother!

Remind your mom that you love her by sending her a loving, sweet note. Here are several examples of messages she should appreciate.

Mom, first you gave me life, then you gave me love. I wanted you to know that I am very grateful to you for these two wonderful gifts! Happy Birthday!

You fed me, you pampered me, you took care of me when I was sick, you supported me in all my choices. I wanted to thank you for being there every day with your greatest power: love.

Dear mother, you are beautiful as a flower. Your heart is filled with great qualities. I hope you have a beautiful day surrounded by all of us who love you with all our hearts.

You are my mom! The only! The special one! The one who will always have the most special place in my heart!

No one deserves more love and happiness than you on this Mother’s Day.

I send a ton of love to an amazing woman … from someone who would love to be like her someday!

No matter how far apart our two houses are, the distance between our hearts will never move.

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2021

Every year, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to offer a nice gift carefully chosen to your mother. To help you with this task, here are some gift ideas you could be inspired by:

Plants and Flowers: Plants and flowers are popular gifts that smell like spring!

A bouquet of flowers: it’s a classic, but flowers remain a timeless gift that is always a pleasure.

An indoor plant, more or less large, it can serve as a decorative gift and give a touch of greenery to a home.
A planter can also be a cool gift that can be a viable alternative to a bouquet and doesn’t require a vase.

Greeting card: A greeting card is a touch that allows you to put a few sweet words on paper. It can accompany other gifts, be handmade, typed or handwritten.

Chocolates: Chocolates can easily be found in medium-sized stores or in a chocolate factory that will certainly have special chocolates for the occasion.

Jewelry: Jewelry is a more expensive gift, but it lasts longer (especially compared to chocolate). You will then have a whole range of adornments: pair of earrings, ring, bracelet, necklace, pendant, or watch.

Poem: A poem is a gift that can be offered by young and old alike, it can be adorned with a drawing or highlighted by a DIY.

Drawing and painting: DIY, drawing, painting, origami, or paper-toy are gifts that allow creativity to work. Do-it-yourself creations gain in sentimental and emotional value. So to your pasta necklaces!

Cake: A cake can also be used as a gift for Mother’s Day, it can be bought in supermarkets, homemade or ordered in a pastry shop.

Bottle of Wine: A good bottle of wine or spirits is a less popular gift than flowers or jewelry, but will undoubtedly delight a lot of moms!

Perfume: Perfume is a good gift idea as long as you know the favorite fragrances of the person concerned.

Cream or make-up: A cosmetic product like a day cream or make-up can be a wise gift that will please mothers who like to take care of them.

Book: A book is a Mother’s Day gift at a relatively reasonable price, for example, you can offer the latest bestseller, a detective novel, a specialized book or a photo book.

Handbag: Accessories such as bags, handbags, purses, wallets, or umbrellas are original gifts to be offered according to the needs expressed.

Gift box : A gift box such as Smartbox, Vipbox, Dakotabox, or Wonderbox can offer an unusual experience, stay, treatment or activity.

Gift voucher : A gift voucher remains a viable solution if we want to leave the field completely free in the choice of the object of the gift.

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