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Is GOOD TROUBLE Season 4 confirmed? Release Date, Cast and Plot Details

GOOD TROUBLE Season 4  Updates: Have you been enjoying good trouble new episodes in 2021, but what is the aim moving forward? This series is a creation of Joanna Johnson, Bradley Bredeweg, and Peter Paige the trio. The American drama series is a spin-off from The Fosters and streamed in January 2019.

The first season basically revolved around Callie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana Adams Foster (Cierra Ramirez) as they went to work in Los Angeles after the events of The Fosters.

Season 3 hit the streaming platform in February 2021, but has season 4 of Good Trouble coming or not?

GOOD TROUBLE Season 4 Casts

Currently, there is no announcement confirming Good Trouble’s season 4 renewals. Although, fans will be excited and are looking forward to more episodes on the way. Season 3 Episode 10 wasn’t the finale fans were hoping for, but it was the midseason finale. However, like season 2, audiences can expect a hold until the season resumes as Peter Paige confirming on Twitter that season 3 consist of 19 episodes in total. So, while there is no news on season 4, this shouldn’t be too disappointing.


As Season 4 hasn’t been officially ready to go yet, the season 2 midseason finale streamed in August 2019 and the show wasn’t renewed until December. If season 3 takes roughly this amount of time to return then audiences may have to wait a long time. Contrary to this belief, then the season may conclude in November. If it is renewed, then season 4 will be available in 2022.


GOOD TROUBLE Season 4 Details

The co-creator and executive producer Joanna Johnson was questioned whether the creative team changed had any changes due to the situation pertaining to COVID-19 or the Black Lives Matter movement. She responded by saying: “We pretty much just stayed the course of what we had already”.

As in absence of the pandemic:

She also said that A lot of the things that they deal with are very timely anyway. Dealing with the movement. They deal with all kinds of prison reform. So many issues so they didn’t feel like they needed to directly address COVID.

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