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Disenchantment Season 4: Release Date and Plot Details

Disenchantment Season 4

Disenchantment Season 4 Updates: Netflix has done a stellar job in providing mature animated content. Some of these exceptional shows include Big Mouth, F is For Family, Bojack Horseman, and of course, Disenchantment.

Disenchantment is another hit in the animated shows category. It is one of the bests that Netflix has to offer. Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, has worked in this series too.

SYNOPSIS of Disenchantment Season 4

It tells the story of all the entertaining mishaps which happen with Queen Tiabeanie and her friends, whimsical Elfo and the demon Luci, while they’re drunk. Things heat up when the queen bails on her wedding and quickly unfolds into an epic quest. This wild animated show takes the audience to all kinds of terrific lands and every time some hysterical shenanigans undoubtedly leave the viewers in pain due to excessive laughter.

It is effortlessly one of the best comedy series on the streaming service. There is no doubt that Disenchantment is a must-watch affair for fans of shows which are packed with fantasy, comedy, and action. Abbie Jackson, Eric Andre, and Nat Faxon lead an expert vocal cast in this series.

Disenchantment Season 4 Details

As soon as the third chapter was released, fans were eager to see what happens in the Disenchantment Season 4. We’re sure that it would be interesting to see how things play out considering the exhilarating events of season three.


In October 2018, it was announced that Matt Groening was renewed for twenty more episodes of the animated series. Ten out of those 20 have been delivered in the well-crafted season 3. So now there are at least 10 episodes to go, fans can calm down assured that Disenchantment Season 4 is going to happen. The question that remains is when?

RELEASE DATE OF Disenchantment Season 4:

Netflix hasn’t provided a confirmed official release date yet. It’s also uncertain as to when the viewers will be able to mark their calendars for the season 4 premiere. The debut of the first season was on 17 August 2018. The next run arrived on 20 September 2019. The third chapter was aired on January 15, 2021. The gap here is of 13 months roughly. According to this timetable, the next iteration could arrive in February 2022, but this is just speculation.

The production status of Disenchantment is unknown this time. There have been no updates at all regarding the status of filming too.

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