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What Horizon Forbidden West Should Improve From Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Forbidden

Horizon Forbidden Updates: In this, we are going to discuss what Horizon Forbidden West can improve on PS4 and PS5. Even being a standout PlayStation exclusive that connected itself as a major IP almost, Horizon Zero Dawn still has its issues.

In the forthcoming sequel of PS4 AND PS5, Horizon Forbidden West can bring changes to its previous problems. The changes include adjusting foundational elements of Zero Dawn and can borrow mechanics from open-world games like “The Legend of Zelda”. 

The greatest strength of Horizon Zero Dawn is its magnificent nuanced and distinctive world. It has featured different fictional traditions, with eyes believing social structures and religious systems. It has many habitats with distinctive weather. In the game, the transition is very smooth which just takes a second. 

The size difference from a mid-sized ‘Watchers’ to enormous ‘Tallnecks’. Few of the game’s machines are ‘awe-inspiring’ when experienced for the first time. Slowly the player gets more used to the atmosphere and its inhabitants.

The ‘awe’ goes down and the gameplay elements which are less polished start to shine through. These elements of the Horizon Forbidden West need and improvement. 

Horizon Forbidden The Game Needs Better Melee Combat

Horizon Forbidden

The melee combat of Horizon Zero Dawn is unstable and clumsy. The attacks of Melee are slow and don’t damage much for the first stretch of the game.

The upgrade of Aloy’s spear weapon skills doesn’t take very long, which, in combination with the buff, allows her to knock down almost any machine with one heavy attack and give out massive damage.

The melee becomes overpowered from mostly useless, well before the endgame. Horizon Forbidden West should look after this inconsistency and should balance it anyway. 

Free Climbing For Aloy 

Aloy not being able to climb a ledge that is slightly too high is a very disappointing part of Horizon Zero Dawn. The Aloy can climb mountains and walk tightropes but isn’t allowed to climb a ledge that is a little high.

Due to the lack of mantling tools, Aloy can only climb mantels and handholds that are marked with Yellow. In June 2020, the trailer of Horizon Forbidden West from PlayStation revealed that the Aloy was climbing a mountain for free. Maybe the sequel will provide more freedom of movement to her.

Other factors like Horizon Forbidden West need Blome-specific creatures and mounts and also need more varied human enemies. 

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