My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5: Round 2 of Training and Tokoyami’s New Power.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5 Updates: In Episode 5 of My Hero Academia, all nine students reflected upon their performance in the Round…

Published: May 3rd, 2021 7:40 am | Updated: May 3, 2021 7:40 am

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5 Updates: In Episode 5 of My Hero Academia, all nine students reflected upon their performance in the Round 1 Training Session. In Round 2, Tokoyami gets into a face-off against Kuroiro. Tokoyami presents a new magnificent move, which Hawks, the current number 2 hero in the world, helped him developed.

Recap ( Warning: This article contains spoilers of Episode 5, “Operation new improv moves”)

After round 1 concludes, Aizawa and Vlad King grill their respective teams on their mistakes. Asui and Kirishima take things seriously, whereas Kaminari is cluelessly joyful. Kirishima and Asui take training much more seriously than the relatively innocent Kaminari . This was because they were part of the Shie Hassakai raid and they’ve had real-world experience. Koda wishes he could’ve used his Quirk better, while Shinso is frustrated that he couldn’t use his binding clothes more effectively. The former number 1 hero in the world, All Might, declares that frustration is a good sign and he sees potential in Shinso. Meanwhile, Class B team is being yelled at by Vlad King for not working as a team.

Monoma starts eagerly planning how best to take down Class A. Everyone follows his lead, forming groups and discussing strategies. Still, there isn’t a lot of time for discussion, as Vlad King announces the start beginning of the next match.

Class A’s team consists of Tokoyami, Yaoyoruzu, Hagakure, and Aoyama. Kendo, Kuroiro, Komori, and Fukidashi belong to Class B’s team. Kendo and Yaoyorozu chat while making their way towards the battleground for round 2.

Kendo challenges Yaoyorozu and the latter easily accepts. Both Kuroiro and Tokoyami have darkness-based Quirks. Kuroiro claims that they share a destiny.

The battle begins with Tokoyami sending Dark Shadow out to lookout for Class B opponents. However, Kuroiro, with his Dark Quirk, merges with the Dark Shadow and attacks Tokoyami and the Class A team. The Students of the Class A team are a bit perplexed by this attack. Hagakure casts Kuroiri out by using her Warp Refraction ability.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 5 TOKOYAMI’S NEW POWER OF FLIGHT

Tokoyami realizes that it’s time to level up his fight. During his internship with Hawks, the pro-hero told him that they were birds of the same feather. Tokoyami believed that he didn’t learn anything and went home frustrated. He was chosen again during the work-study with Hawks.

Tokoyami was intent on not giving up. This time Tokoyami, the aspiring hero, was shown that he too could fly. His quirk, the Dark Shadow, floats by default while enveloping him. This superhero ability was called the ‘Dark Fallen Angel.’

Kuroiro made everyone believe that he was dead-set on fighting Tokoyami and he used this opportunity to grab Aoyama. He races off towards the maze of pipes with Aoyama.

So Tokoyami uses Dark Shadow to fly and maneuver, he quickly catches up and grabs Aoyama. Aoyama uses his naval beam to fill the course with constant shifting light. Hagakure and Yaoyorozu corner Kuroiro as his Quirk is rendered useless.

With Dark Fallen Angel, Tokoyami has come to a step closer to becoming aware of his potential. Still, without teamwork, it would never have worked.

Due to Tokoyami’s new ability of flight, Plan-A of Class B students failed. They quickly switch to Plan-B. Mushroom starts appearing everywhere on the ground and the bodies of Class A. This was Komori’s quirk.

Now Kendo’s Plan B has set the bar and Class A is facing a real challenge.