Legend Of Korra: 5 Endings That Fans Completely Reject (& 5 They Think Were Perfectly In Character)

The Legends of Korra
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Legend Of Korra Updates: Avatar: The legend of Korra is an animated television series which was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.

This show is a sequel of the series, Avatar: The last Airbender and has achieved fame and popularity almost equivalent to it’s prequel. The series with 52 episodes was seperated into four seasons and was a massive success for the makers.

The battle between the team avatar and a new villain would always have with it a twisted ending. Some endings were liked very much by the fans while some others were mostly disapproved by fans.

Let’s Have a Look On Legend Of Korra

10. Reject: Disbanding hierarchy by Prince Wu

Prince Wu was brought up as a pampered child and was always taken care of everywhere. He was treated mostly like a naive child. The fans first saw him as naive, ignorant and complacent prince who knew nothing about the world. Thus, when he understood the Earth Kingdom hierarchy, he immediately disbanded it.

This ending was rejected by the fans as for it came about so quickly without the involvement of any of the main characters of the show.

9. In character: Kuvira’s fate.

Among fans, Kuvira’s villainous intentions were mostly admired. She did a number of horrible things like withholding resources from the citizens and announced that she stood there to save everyone from slave labor and also took the lead to attack the Republic city in a giant mechanical suit. Fans supported the fact that how she accoeyed her fate of prison and learnt from her lessons.

8. Varick and Zhu-Li’s wedding 

Zhu-Li had been Varick’s assistant until the declaration of their love in season 4.Varick had gone through a massive character development, going from greedy and innovative to a kind of helpful innovator. Although the character arcs of both of them somehow makes sense but their marriage seems out of place as it made look their story to be complete even when it wasn’t.

7. In character: Masterhood of Jinora

Jinora had been an open-minded, honest, brave and wonderful girl throughout. She had all the qualities of a leader or master which enabled her to confront her father about her wishes to receive the Master Airbender tattoo. In season 3,she was finally appointed by Tenzin with her tattoos and the “Master” title.

6. Reject: Leaving the spirit world open. 

It is a well known fact for the characters and viewers that portals to spirit and physical worlds should not be kept open. This could have easily created a havoc and it already did. They wrecked havoc upon the whole Republic city. The audience rejected it because despite knowing the outcomes they left the portal open to create mess around the earth.

5. In character: Losing past avatar characters. 

The Legend of Korra

Fans don’t look like being worried or stressed about the fact that Korra had lost connection to her past avatar lives when Raava was momentarily destroyed. Losing the connection is in character because Aang also experienced momentary loss. The fans were assured that with her new superpower, with her belief in newfound strength and super power, she or someone else might be able to restore the past lives.

4. Reject: Season 1 Ending. 

Since the show was supposed to be of one season, it was likely that a battle will be fought between Korra and Amon. The fans rejesected the ending of season 1 for the less-than-satisfying battle.

3. In character: Mako’s Last stand. 

In the final episode, Mako is determined to be a tough guy and solidifies in his understanding of the meaning of everything Team Avatar and others have done.

Fans approved his attempted sacrifice as he was doing something and was good at bending and protecting everyone that  he cared about.

2. Reject : Original Team Avatar

The most disappointing part of the show was that Katara acted as if everyone she knew was gone for good when in reality Toph and Zuko were still very much around. Additionally characters like Sokka and Suki hardly got any recognition in the series.

  1. In character:Korrasami

While Kora and Asami’s relationship with Mako were sometimes a point of hated disagreement in the series but the girls never had any kind of grudge in between them. The audience started to notice the characters, Korra and Asami falling in love slowly through seasons 3 and 4.



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