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GTA 5: Why Michael Hallucinates Aliens When He’s High


GTA 5 Updates: The block buster game of the year 2013 -GTA 5 still has people all around the world grasped in it’s roots. The game was developed by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games in the September of the year 2013.

Playable Character’s

GTA 5 offers the player to interact the environment using our three lead’s namely Michael De Santa, Trevor Philip’s and Franklin Clinton.

Michael De Santa lived a luxurious life in Los Santos with his wife and two children until one day due to some circumstances he is once again inclined towards his past life that he had decided to leave behind.

Trevor Philip is Michael’s previous partner in crime who thought that Michael was dead during their past encounter with the police. But less he knew that not only his associate was well but was also a living a life well suited in the city of Los Santos.

Franklin Clinton used to work for Simeon yetarian who used to work a car dealership. Franklin’s job was to steal the car that simeon used to sell so that Simeon could use those car’s once again.

All was going well until one day Franklin’s was given the task to steal the car of jimmy de Santa who happened to be the son of Michael.

After this the Story Unravels itself in a way that Michael, Trevor and Franklin started working with each other in order to earn money and to solve their everyday problem’s.

GTA Online

GTA 5 DLC Leaked Online

Just after launching it’s game in the September of the year 2013 ,Rockstar launched the online version of Grand theft the October of the same year. With gta online, player’s can play with their friend’s in an open world space and can do various tasks and heists together.

GTA online has collected quite a good revenue over the years and players all around the world still haven’t lost their interest from the game.

GTA 5: Encounter with Aliens

Michael has two encounter’s with alien’s in the game. The first once happens when he is offered marijuana by an marijuana legalization activist in the strangers and freaks mission.

Here the objective is to kill as many aliens as Michael can in a given amount of time without getting killed by the aliens.

The Sec0nd Encounter with alien happens when Michael’s son jimmy mixes ketamine in his drink when they were traveling in Michael’s car. This Time Micahel is thrown off from a UFO and soars through the skies without a parachute.

Fortunately Michael did not die upon hitting the ground as he was hallucinating the whole thing and non of it was real.

However his anger for his son jimmy was 100 percent real.

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