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Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Poster Celebrates VHS and David Bowie

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Updates: The new “Legends of Tomorrow” season six poster pays tribute to the videotape era and heralds the challenges of the future to the Galaxy team. DC Legends of Tomorrow has launched a poster for the approaching sixth season.

The poster shows a Legends VHS cover on a planet’s surface while the Waverider and an alien ship are on a collision path. A Cthulhu-style figure rises above the legends, and the poster reads “Space Oddity”. – with reference to David Bowie’s song “Space Oddity” and the premiere title of the sixth season of the series “Ground Control to Sara Lance”.

Bowie’s “Space Strange” begins with “Ground Control Major Tom” and is composed of the perspective of Major Tom’s Ground Controls and vice versa as Tom travels through space. In season 6, Sara Lance will be trapped in space. – after they were abducted by aliens in season 5 – and broke up with their team, wondering if they would find them.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Other Information:

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6
Image Source: TVLine

Next season will also be the last season where you can see the Heat (Dominic Purcell) on a regular basis. After performing promotional stunts on social media, Purcell has confirmed that he will return to the role in season 7.

In addition to Lissette Chavez’s new role Esperanse Cruz, Arrow student David Ramsey will also play a mysterious role next season. The premiere of season six will also reveal the secret origins of current agent Gary Green. Tomorrow’s DC legends Katie Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano, Matt Ryan, Olivia Olivia Swann, Jess McAllan, Adam Sobhian, Lissette Chavez and Raffi Barsumian ) season 6th will most likely premiere on sunday 2nd may at 8Pm on CW.

Due to the design, it also appears that the entire cast of the fifth season will return in the new season, which is not always a given for the series. The posters include Adam Tsekhman, Shayan Sobhian, Lissith Chavez and Olivia Swann as new regular actors: Caity Lotz, Jes Macallan, Nick Zano, Matt Ryan, Tala Ashe and Dominic Purcell.

Completing the eccentric poster is the tagline for “Space.Oddity.” What appears to be a subtle David. Bowie reference, especially in combination with the title of the premiere episode “Ground Control to Sara Lance”.

Every year, the show attracts fans to travel through time and space for a fascinating journey. Although this is not always meaningful, it is not always the case. The show tells funny, joking and fascinating stories, and it seems that the aliens in season 6 will not be any different from the 90s.