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Halo Master Chief Updates: Dataminers are looking at Halo’s latest update: The Master Chief Collection may have discovered potentially added bots buttons hidden in files.

In the second half of last year, the compilation received a major update about Xbox Series X/S, making it one of the most visible releases to date, as fans are waiting for Halo Infinite to be released.

The Chief Collection was released for Xbox One in 2014 and includes four games in the series, which initially debuted on the first two consoles in the Microsoft series. When it finally appeared on PC in 2019, it received more updates, and when it was introduced on the current version of the console last year, it received more updates.

With the developer 343 Industries currently supporting the game in the sixth season, the collection will continue to be updated. These latest updates seem to have potentially interesting features that have not yet been added to the game. However, if implemented, it may change the way the “Master Chief Collection” is played.

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Halo Master Chief

Twitter user RejectedShotgun posted a screenshot of the so-called add button robot originally discovered by Foxie1337. Recently, a Twitter user posted RejectedShotguns on Twitter and shared a high-resolution version of the image.

It represents the outline of Spartan as well as the big shield and image file name. This is ADD_BOT.png, but did not indicate where the expected button should appear. There is some confusion on Twitter about the exact source of the image.

However, its appearance has greatly stimulated people’s active discussion about the influence of this button on the chief’s collection. In addition to single player games, the Halo Wars subscription only includes Halo games for multiplayer robots sponsored by the developer.

The series of mods allows players to use robots in more IP games, which is where the confusion arises for this particular discovery. Even if the picture looks incredible, it sparked a discussion that the 343 group must listen to. Adding robots to Halo’s multiplayer games can have a huge impact on the way you play, especially locally.

Halo May: The Master Chief Collection will be the guinea pig of the Bot series to test whether this feature can be implemented correctly before the release of Halo Infinite.

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