Dragon Goes House Hunting Episode 4 Preview and Spoilers

Dragon Goes House Hunting Episode 4

Dragon Goes House Hunting Episode 4 Updates: Letty and Dearia are on tour, and Dearia tells Letty that they will stop somewhere before reaching the next home.

Letty agreed and asked where they were going. Dearia said they will stay in Liar Crone. They went to another terrible place, such as the castle they had been to. Letty believed they would make up the bed left there.

Dearia revealed that she had a bed in the adventure stable. It shows that the adventure horse stable is a bag that can hold any item, regardless of size. They arrived at the cave later, and Letty heard the sound of water.

He wondered if they would take his showroom out of this cave. Dearia agreed and said that the ladies have only been doing business here for a thousand years.

Three wizards greeted them with long noses and a blindfold. Letty jumped back, thinking that the three of them were beginning to fascinate her.

Previously on Dragon Goes House Hunting 

Dearia revealed that these were the women he was thinking about. Dearia said these are the Graiae sisters, skilled craftswomen and repeat customers. A cute red-haired boy was asked what his name was, and he replied that it was Letty. They tell Letty that they usually reject novices like Letty, but their dear boy reading is an exception.

Letty was asked to find out everything in the cave. A sister opened the curtains and Letty saw a beautiful dining room. He couldn’t believe that there was a room in the cave like a five-star hotel.

Dragon Goes House Hunting Episode 4

They told Letty that they had everything she needed in this cave.Letty realizes that everything suits her because she is a dragon. Dearia opened the door and found that they still had a kite-sized door.

But Letty noticed that the door handle was missing and asked Dearia. Dearia reports that these knobs are sold separately. For some reason: He showed Letty three different door handles, and showed that you can go to different positions by inserting one of the door handles. Letty checked the button on his fist and opened the door.

He was surprised to see that this was the world of old people with beards. On the other hand, damn it. He realized that if he had used that goatee, he would not have been suitable there since he was a child. Letty heard the elderly talking about dragon care in their previous lives. They also want to send a team to catch the dragon again.

The Dragon Goes House Hunting, episode 4 release date and preview.

The Dragon Goes House Hunting Episode 4 will be broadcast at 10:00 PM on Sunday, April 25, 2021. JST. You can watch “Dragon Goes House-Hunting” online on AnimeLab and Funimation.

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