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Doctor Who Season 13: Osgood Deserves To Be a Companion

Doctor Who Season 13

Doctor Who Season 13 Updates: Osgood broke into the Doctor Who universe during the 50th anniversary, leaving a mark on fans who must see their return.

Petronella Osgood was a character created for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. She was a scientist who worked with Kate Lethbridge Stewart at UNIT and was a fan of the Doctor.

She had learned all about her and even changed her clothes to remember her past. It is reasons like this, along with many others, that show why she deserves to be a companion.

Osgood had a difficult life before he met the doctor for the first time. She grew up with a sister who was prettier than her, which made her worried about her appearance and her battle with asthma.

The Doctors’ Zygon’s Invasion left her and her new zygon double with no memory of which was human and which zygon. After that incident, Osgood gained some confidence because he now had a twin sister with whom he could identify and feel this proved to be beneficial to them and the planet as the existence of two Osgood became imperative during the second Zygon invasion in series 9.

This event introduced the Osgood box and made it clear that for the safety of the earth there are always two Osgood’s must to help keep the peace treaty between man and zygon.

Doctor Who Season 13 Other Information:

Doctor Who Season 13

As mentioned above, Osgood was a fan of the Doctor after embracing the fashion choices of previous incarnations. On her first appearance she wore the Fourth Doctors scarf, while on her second appearance she wore Tens shoes, Elevens bow tie, Nines jacket and trimmings.

With question marks on the neck, which became famous for the fourth, fifth and sixth incarnations. Osgood was literally a fan insert character. He was the physical incarnation of a good majority of Doctor Who fans. And was worshiped for this reason. It is all the stranger that she was not yet an official partner.

When Osgood made his last appearance in the Zygon invasion, he was given a place in the TARDIS, but refused because they believed that existence on earth was necessary to maintain a peace treaty between the two races.

It takes place in an audio story called “Field Trip”, which gives the audience a chance to imagine what happens when Osgood enters the blue box. However, whether it is a series or a series, Osgood should be a partner on the screen.