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How Assassin’s Creed Made Ezio a Superhero

Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed Updates: Since its introduction in 2007, Assassin’s Creed has evolved from a series of stealth action games into open-world RPGs. However, albeit the franchise has changed and adapted over the years, it’s still featured a number of the foremost engaging and relatable protagonists in gaming.

One of the franchise’s most beloved characters is Ezio Auditore. Introduced in Assassin’s Creed II, he had a complete of 4 console games dedicated to his life, which makes him one of the series’ most fully realized protagonists.

One of the foremost interesting aspects of his story is his origin; Ezio became an assassin following the unjust death of his father and brothers. This led him to hunt out justice and, ultimately, eliminate the corruption that infected Italy. In the end, Ezio’s path was almost like that of a superhero.

Like Batman, Ezio’s drive for vengeance and justice drove him to require up the role of an assassin. An assassin’s outfit is seen as quite just consistent in the franchise, and it carries an obligation to uphold the creed.

Before Ezio, his father Giovanni did just that — a secret he kept from his family. However, following his death, Ezio found and wore his late father’s assassin outfit.

Assassin’s Creed: All About Ezio

Assassin's Creed

At first, Ezio didn’t fully understand the creed. He hunted the criminals who killed his family with a blind rage almost like Spider-Man chasing down the mugger that killed Uncle Ben.

Ezio was untrained in the art of assassination, and it showed. His assassinations were sloppy and his public presence, while under the hood, gave him a reputation. almost like Batman, Ezio became a vigilante, and he even ended up with wanted posters littered throughout Italy calling for his arrest.

Ezio created a base of operations in his Uncle Mario’s home of Monteriggioni. Here, he planned his next moves and gathered a little band of fellow assassins and friends (including his Uncle) to assist him.

This can mark the beginning of Ezio’s growth from a vigilante hero to a pacesetter of the foremost successful Assassin’s guild in the franchise’s history.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood shows Ezio’s path to leadership, portraying him as a more competent assassin who is in a position to balance his work and residential life fairly well. He uses his skills and knowledge to show others the way to be assassins, like Batman training Robin, and Ezio and his students work together to eliminate the corruption still found in Rome and Italy.

Revelations marked the top of the Ezio trilogy and showed an older version of him happening his final adventure as a full-time assassin. This tale of a middle-aged hero who sought a quiet life but must complete one last mission reflects characters like Wolverine in the film Logan.

The sport ends with Ezio getting a cheerful ending where he can start a family of his own, which is shown in the short film Assassin’s Creed Embers. Ezio’s story as told throughout the franchise makes him quite just another assassin — it makes him the franchise’s superhero.