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Falcon And The Winter Soldier​: Best Meme Proves

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Update: Do you want to spread terror in the MCU? He lets Daniel Brühl loose in a disco. “What happens in Madripoor, stays in Madripoor,” goes the old saying. And, if it doesn’t say so, we’ll make it up ourselves. Because, if one goes to visit one of the most dangerous cities in the Marvel Universe, which unless leverage to throw some balls like Daniel Brühl in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

In the third chapter of the series, the interpreter of Helmut Zemo has shown us that one can be a supervillain of diabolical tenacity, responsible for a civil war between the members of the Avengers … and, at the same time, a dancing demon capable of letting go on the track of a club taking steps that have to be seen to be believed.

And, unsurprisingly, the internet has lacked time to react to this epic image. Suffice it to say that the former Sokovian commando already has a Twitter account ( @zemodancingto ) ready to show us that, when he hits it, he is capable of dancing absolutely anything.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Update

Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 2
Screen Rant

We start with something to be expected: after all, Brühl is German and here we have to make a homeland.

Another pair of flawless songs to keep you warm …

And, when things get hotter, the Latin flavor comes into play.

The most racial Spanish pop has no secrets for him either.

This plan even allows us to imagine a possible crossover between the MCU and Elite (cold sweats …).

The night progresses, and those classics that can never be missed in a gambling den begin to play shortly before closing …
But when the time has come to turn the stools, Zemo is still there, giving it his all with an immortal hymn.

Desperate, the DJ begins to test those infallible songs to throw out even the heaviest dancers. But our supervillain will not resist nor the Swans of Michael Gira, with its nightmarish music.

It is becoming increasingly clear that this man is capable of wiggling with whatever they put on him.

We insist on anything!

Even with the theme of his archenemies (recreated with a tasty cumbia beat, yes)!

Not even the song associated with his most staunch rival can beat him!

At this point, the desperate DJ presents his resignation, and the owners of the premises choose to put this breaker on a loop, to see if that way they manage to render that man so heavy due to exhaustion. We don’t think they will.

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