Overwatch Fools Around With Big Bastion, Ana, & Mei Changes

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Overwatch Updates: Overwatch’s creators aren’t afraid to switch up their characters, but the most recent April Fool’s fix may be the biggest (and silliest) in the game’s history.

Characters like Symmetra, Hanzo, and Sombra have had complete reworks that drastically alter their gameplay. The Public Testing Region (PTR) or Experimental Mode is the first to announce these improvements. For one day, on April 1st, the latter will feature massively altered variants of all playable characters.

Invariably, the Experimental Mode allows players to interact with various approaches to the Overwatch algorithm. For example, this is where the Overwatch development team first introduced a “Triple Damage” setup, reducing the number of Tanks to one.

In return, each Tank hero received new powers that improved their viability in this scenario. The Overwatch League held a “Flash Ops Experimental Card Tournament” in March, where pros tried out some of the strange updates in a competitive environment.

Overwatch: Big Bastion, Ana, & Mei

The biggest adjustment (literally) in the free April Fool’s update belongs to former Damage character Mei. Her size has been increased by 15% to suit her current function as a Tank, according to the Overwatch patch notes.

This comes with an additional 150 health, bringing her total HP to 400. Though official updates have seen function changes, such as Symmetra being reworked from Support to Harm, this is a direct dig at players who find Mei too “tanky” in her present state.

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Bastion is on the other end of the continuum. Blizzard has replied by shrinking its scale by 15% in Overwatch, where it is considered a raw DPS powerhouse that is quick to counter. In his “Recon” form, he’s even lost the arms spread.

Nano Raise, the Ultimate strength of support hero Ana, now boosts both a goal on her team and herself. Two characters on a squad who take less damage and inflict more damage. hereby It seems to be perfectly balanced.

And that’s just a little sampling of the Experimental Mode’s modifications. Reaper, Zenyatta, and Sigma will now travel over the clouds due to the updates.

When you consider that last year’s April Fool’s joke was giving all the heroes googly eyes, these joke patch notes sound like a much bigger joke. It’s also likely that any of these joke tweaks will make their way into the live game in the future.

With Overwatch 2 on the horizon, the developers can take some of these suggestions into account when upgrading the hero kits. Players would know where to direct their rage if Roadhog is the next hero to travel in the Overwatch sequel.

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