Black Widow Reportedly Adds Olga Kurylenko

Black Widow
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Black Widow Updates: Scarlett Johansson has been a component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2010, but Natasha Romanoff will be the heroine of her own film for the first time in 2021.

Black Widow was supposed to launch Phase 4 in 2020, but it was repeatedly postponed due to COVID-19. In July 2021, Black Widow will debut in theatres and on Disney+, introducing a slew of fresh MCU characters.

Supporters are eager to see what will most likely be Black Widow’s last MCU film, but the spinoff film also has a part to play in setting up the universe’s future.

Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), Red Guardian (David Harbour), Iron Maiden (Rachel Weisz), Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt), and the enigmatic foe Taskmaster will all be seen in Black Widow.

While the announced cast list for Black Widow isn’t as large as some of Marvel’s other forthcoming films, a new recruit of the cast has recently been announced.

Bond Girl will Appear in Black Widow

Olga Kurylenko will appear in Black Widow, according to The Direct. Kurylenko’s character would have a “small” role, according to the outlet, which did not indicate what part she will perform.

Black Widow
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Kurylenko is set to star as Camile in the Bond film Quantum of Solace. Other films in which she has appeared involve Tom Cruise’s Oblivion, Max Payne, and Hitman. Her role in Black Widow has yet to be proven, so take it with a pinch of salt for the moment.

However, The Direct has previously mentioned Saagar Shaikh’s addition to Ms. Marvel, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah directing Ms. Marvel scenes, and Florence Pugh’s comeback to Hawkeye, so this may be another reliable leak.

About the fact that Olga Kurylenko’s role in the movie is only now being announced, this does not mean that she is a newcomer to the group. If she does feature in the film, it seems she will play a small role or make a cameo, which Marvel had hoped to keep a secret.

Kurylenko speaks Russian fluently and has a background in spy/action films, making her a perfect choice for the MCU’s standalone film about the popular Russian spy. At this point, it’s hard to predict what role she’ll perform in Black Widow.

Kurylenko may be another professional assassin in the Red Room, posing a threat to Natasha. If Marvel wanted to have Kurylenko as a cameo with the possibility of a sequel, a character like Red Widow would be a good choice. It’s also possible that she’ll play a character from Natasha’s history.

Kurylenko might be Natasha’s real mother or a motherly role seen in a recollection, as Black Widow would delve into her past. Marvel and Kurylenko are unlikely to announce her involvement in the movie at this time, so viewers will have to wait a few months to find out whether she occurs and in what ability.