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Mario Kart 8: Best Ways to Avoid a Blue Shell

Mario Kart 8
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Mario Kart 8 Updates: The blue shell is one of the most devastating elements in the entire Mario Kart franchise, but there are several simple ways you can avoid it.

The Mario Kart series is famous for a wide variety of items, from the surprise of the red clam in search of heat to the feeling of invincibility from the superstar. Each element gives this racing game its unique kind of chaos.

Element is known in its way, none as infamous as Blue Shell. The item is known for its ability to break hearts and ruin friendships, but there are some easy ways you can bypass Mario Kart 8’s evil shell.

For the lucky few who have never experienced the pain of a blue clam, the item is very simple but deadly – the item is thrown like most of the other balls in the game, so it automatically finds the player first.

The clam flies from above, surrounding the person in the first place, and then explodes in a wide radius of destruction. If the player is on the edge of the first spot and the blue clam is rapidly approaching from behind, they may want to slow the jump forward for a bit.’

Mario Kart 8: Other Information:

Mario Kart 8
Screen Rant

While Blue Shell is known for its devastating abilities, there are some simple tips to help you avoid it. Here are five ways to survive the blue shell in Mario Kart 8.

This is one of the easiest ways to avoid blue scabs. However, depending on how close you are to other competitors, this can be tricky. If someone else slips into a leadership position, Blue Shell will commit to another player instead.

If you pull another person up to see them explode, you can find yourself in a situation where the player is trying to fight their way back so this can be a risky move.

This trick can put the player at a slight disadvantage but allows them to take first place without worrying about a possible blue hull. Only one player can have a blue shell at a time during the game. If they get the blue clam early they can keep it for the rest of the game and keep their advantage safe.

This would take up space for the item and leave the player vulnerable to other clams and items, which has a disadvantage. It’s also important that first place players don’t accidentally let go of Blue Shell as it will come back and hit them.

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