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Wonder Woman 3 Needs To Fix The DCEU’s Themyscira Mistake

Wonder Woman 3
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Wonder Woman 3 Updates: Wonder Woman 3 must correct the franchise’s Themyscira gaffe, allowing Diana to return to her idyllic island. Despite the fact that Wonder Woman 1984 divided audiences, Warner Bros.

Announced a threequel just two days after the film’s theatrical release, with Patty Jenkins returning as director. Jenkins and her co-writers have already plotted out the next two Wonder Woman films, indicating that Gal Gadot’s Amazonian warrior has a bright future. Regardless, Warner Bros. Would undoubtedly want Jenkins to consider some of the input and make some adjustments.

One of the most common critiques is that Wonder Woman 3 should not be a period piece, but rather take place in the current DCEU timeline.

While this does not rule out the possibility of cameos in the threequel, it would allow the film to feel more like it was continuing rather than interrupting the DCEU‘s ongoing story.

The unfortunate reality is that Wonder Woman 1984 didn’t do enough with its setting to justify its classification as a period piece. A modern setting would also allow Wonder Woman 3 to address another significant issue: it would allow the film to address Themyscira.

The island of Themyscira was without a doubt one of the most intriguing aspects of both Wonder Woman movies. Patty Jenkins understood that audiences needed a firm grasp of the Amazons’ culture in order to relate to Diana successfully in the first Wonder Woman, which spent a significant amount of time on the island of the Amazons.

Wonder Woman 3: Themyscira Mistake

Wonder Woman 3

The fight choreography, in particular, was outstanding, with an emphasis on the Amazons’ cooperative skills. DC Films’ design for Themyscira was utterly breathtaking, and the fight choreography, in particular, was impressive.

In Wonder Woman 1984, Jenkins returned to Themyscira in a flashback, emphasizing the more competitive side of Amazonian civilization, and it was once again one of the most fascinating elements of the film.

There’s only one problem: as fascinating as Themyscira is, it’s been relegated to the background in Patty Jenkins’ two Wonder Woman films. Her origin story implies that she left Themyscira with no intention of returning.

In an ideal world, Wonder Woman 3 will end with the Amazons deciding to emerge from the shadows and interact with humanity, with Diana serving as a link between the two cultures.

This kind of plot twist is only possible in a modern setting, and it would help create a fantastical future for the DCEU, similar to the one envisioned in Aquaman’s final scenes, with the promise of human-Atlantean interaction. Rather than dwelling on the past, Wonder Woman 3 would usher in a bright future for the DC Extended Universe.