Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Episode 12: Nadeshiko and the Girls Have a Big (and Shrimpy) Birthday Bash

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Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Episode 12 Updates:  It had been an overwhelming new year for Nadeshiko and her friends as they move on to experience the real way of camping.

In Ep 12, the hikers are midway across their biggest and most successful trip yet in the Izu area, and Nadeshiko and Aoi, the 2 birthday girls, are in for a pleasant surprise.

Nadeshiko became concerned when she realized she had slept for half of the journey to Izu, despite the fact that there were many sights to see along the way. But, when the friends explore geo spots that only Izu can bring, she soon makes up for the missed time. Sanshiroujima is the largest of these, a group of islands that can be reached on foot at low tide.

Three or four islands can be seen at once based on the viewpoint, thus the title. Given the cold March sunrise, Nadeshiko and her friends walk through the shallows to get a closer look at this geo spot. Akari is particularly excited to go because she absolutely can not wait to try the tombolo there but she has no idea what it really is.

Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Episode 12 The Geospot Visits


Akari scans for the tombolo food cart as the girls pierce ankle-deep in the cold water to reach Sanshiroujima’s largest island. The condition known as “tombolo” occurs when these islands are only available at low tide, which means no fish. Akari is taken aback, but the girls comfort her by buying a snack from a real food stand.

The party enjoys a stunning view of the Nishiizu Skyline on their way to the next geospot, Mt. Daruma Highland, which was well worthwhile the ride. The campers are at a reasonably high altitude, just a kilometer away from Yamanaka High-Altitude Camp, where Chiaki’s camp squad runs into some difficulties.

The next stop is Cape Mihama, a beautiful shore that is often mistaken with the adjacent Cape Osu due to their close appearances. Still, after all of this climbing and driving, a pleasant birthday dinner is in order.

Chiaki and her friends splashed out on some pricey seafood and persuaded Ms. Toba to offer them some spiny lobster, but they went beyond and above for a birthday celebration.

Nadeshiko and Aoi ask loudly what their birthday dinner would be like, and despite the fact that it was supposed to be a surprise, the birthday dinner goes off without a hitch.

Ms. Toba is introduced to a few dishes of snacks to complement her wine and beer, as well as, most notably, a shrimp and tomato risotto salad to round out the birthday party in a flavorful style.

The soup emerged from the spiny lobster for extra spice, and Nadeshiko and Aoi are overjoyed. Once the early morning sun comes up, Nadeshiko and the others pose on a hill to welcome it, Ms. Toba focuses on how far the girls have progressed as campers and as companions.



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