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Fairy Tail Cosplay Brings Brandish to Life

 Fairy Tail Cosplay

Fairy Tail Cosplay Updates: Lucy Heartfilia has been brought back to life by a Fairy Tail Cosplay! Hiro Mashima, the producer of the series, maybe working on a new one right now, Edens Zero is a fictional character, however, it’s difficult to ignore the series’s influence on viewers.

At its highest, the franchise was among the most successful action anime and manga series on the market, that is because Mashima populated the universe with a plethora of unforgettable characters. But this all began with the lead actor Lucy, who served as a powerful core leader.

Overall, Lucy is the lead character in the series, Lucy Heartfilia will have her own share of unforgettable moments in the series. That also included a variety of new stylish outlooks for the heroine. As a result, fans have still struggled to identify their favorites. Isn’t it possible that her first look is really the finest?

Artist @soryu_geggy_cosplay and Instagram’s take on Lucy is a solid case for the first look, as it brought Lucy to existence with such a pretty magnificent touch!

 Fairy Tail Cosplay: Brandish

 Fairy Tail Cosplay
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Lucy has always been a star heroine in Mashima’s numerous series, she became a real star, in fact, the viewers of the follow-up series of Mashima, Eden Zero, have noticed few parallels in the lead heroine. Rebecca Bluegarden, on the other hand, is nothing like Lucy, and it will become much clearer with the April release of Edens Zero’s official anime adaptation.

Edens Zero, which will be released on 10th April in Japan, is one of the most awaited series of the year! The main actors of the series include mainly Shiki Granbell role played by Takuma Terashima, and it is directed by the Fairy Tail director Shinji Ishihara for J.C.Staff, Rebecca Bluegarden role played by Mikako Komatsu, as the latest version of Happiness, Rie Kugimiya is added, Homura Kogetsu character is played by Shiki Aoki, Weisz Steiner character played by Hiromichi Tezuka, and E.M.Pino role played by Shiori Izawa.

Mashima is a massive supporter of official crossovers between his various shows, it’s extremely possible that we’ll see Lucy Heartfilia again in the future! But, what are your thoughts on Lucy? In general, where does she place within your favorite Fairy Tail protagonists? Which of Lucy’s styles is your favorite?

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