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Death Note: 10 Saddest Things About Light Yagami

Death Note 2
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Death Note Updates: Light is the villain of Death Note: and a serious serial killer, at that. But there were few times when we still feel sorry for him.

Even people who are new to anime are well aware that Light Yagami, the main exponent of Death Note, is not a traditional villain. At times, he ruthlessly gets rid of his enemies & comes off as one of the most ghastly villains.

Then there were few other times when his acts of lawlessness seem to be justifiable. To put it simply, Light is morally grey & it’s this moral puzzling that divides fans into two groups.

While few were dead set on trusting that Light is purely driven by foolish reasons can relate to this skewed but strong sense of justice. Well, regardless of one’s feeling about Light, it’s hard not to identify with him at times.

For the most part, he might be responsible for all the trials & adversity that dawned upon him towards the end of the sequel. But his awful fate & many events that led to it are sad nonetheless.

The Death Note Decrepited His True Potential

Death Note
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At the beginning of the series, Light is sketched as a hardworking young boy who’s a lot smarter than his peers. He seems to have a cynical outlook towards the world around him but he never really acts out his tendencies.

But was only when the Death  Note drops out of the sky & gives them a god-like power that he starts changing for the worse. Without the Death Note, Light could have also achieved greatness by putting his brilliance to good use. Considering his deductive abilities & sense of justice, he might have also been a good fit for the cop force as well. But the Death Note decrepit it all.

No One Seems to Genuine Understand Him

Death Note
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Ever before Light gets his hands on the Death Note, he was very different from most other teens of his age. He spends most of his days locked up in his room, preparing for his tests.

And instead of being quite popular among girls and fellow students he restricts wasting his time on unnecessary social activities.

Pinch of the reason why he does is that his perspective of the world is very unique from most people. Especially from the ones who surround him. His idealist beliefs make him similarly likable but at the same time, it is the same beliefs that could make him unapproachable.

His Ego Made Him Fail For L’s Balt

Death Note
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Light would have easily restricted any kind of trouble if he had never fallen for L’s first torment.

Being extremely been driven by his hubris & god complex, Light goes forward to trust that no one can outsmart him. And it is the belief that makes him kill the first decoy L keeps up for him.

Also, he goes on a ruthless killing spree, trusting that no one in the world could be able to figure how he is doing it. But that is until L shows up and challenges him.

He Had No Hint He Was Wrong All Along

Death Note
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Throughout the sequel, Light takes extreme precautions to fulfill his skewed sense of justice. He eradicates many innocent people, mercilessly manipulates them for his own good & even dismisses his fans.

The sad part is that he does all this not to come off as a devil character but to actually save the world. Or, at least that’s what he thinks he is doing.

He even convinces himself that by killing off all evil, he is making an ultimate sacrifice just to make sure that the world a better place for the ones who are honest and kind.

Although Initially We-Focused, He Later Lost All Control

Death Note
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Though it is arguable whether Light was initially doing the right thing or not, he did seem to be well-focused. He could even balance his time between his day-to-day teen snags & his criminal killing endeavors to bring up more peace to the world. As a result of his actions, the crime rate in Japan was about to start to dwindle.

But the more he harnesses the power of the Death Note, the more he loses his sense of morality & responsibility. The death note grows on him like a curse and completely moves him away from his good thoughts.

It can clearly been seen when he temporarily loses his memories by renouncing the Death Note. For an instinct, he becomes the compassionate teen that he used to be. But as soon as he gets the Note, he becomes again Kira.

He Would Have Gotten Along Really Good With L

Death Note
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Light and L’s bond goes through a  major catharsis throughout the series. At one point, it reaches a level where it looks they could have been really good friends if it was not for the Death Note. L, who is almost as stoic as Light, even claims that Light is the nearest thing he is never had to be a friend.

In the Manga, Light views up signs of spilled personalities where he even reconsiders his decision of killing L as Light. But even then he always shoots back to being Kira & convinces himself that he has no reasons not to.

Out of the Billions of People in the Universe, He Was the only unlucky one to get the Death Note

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As Ryuk confirms in the starting, that the Death Note could have been fallen into anyone’s hands. Light’s discovery of it was a matter of bad luck or just fate. While Light feels Honored to be bestowed with the immense power of the Note, it could actually affect his life.

If only the Death Note has to be fallen into someone else’s hands, Light would have been spent the rest of his life pursuing something more meaningful & putting his high intellect to good usage.

He loves his family but unknowingly puts them in Harm way

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There are few moments where Light empathies with his family’s safety over everything else. For instinct, he stops his father from taking action when his sister gets kidnapped even after knowing that doing this would help Mello to get the Death Note. Othertimes, Light unknowingly throws his caution to the wind & harms his family in the worse ways possible.

The fact that he could never consider affecting his family’s respect after getting caught shows how careless he can be despite being so brilliant.

Father’s Death

Death Note
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Light may not have directly been a part of his father’s death, but his actions lead to it. Many of the fans of the anime also believe that he was ready to kill both his father and sister. But regardless of how he wants things to be, he clearly devasted by his father’s death.

While it is a question if he truly loved anyone or not, he could feel a sense of responsibility towards his family. So undoubtedly, his father’s unexpected demise did have a negative impact upon him but still was not enough to make him reconsider all the options he had made.

His Humiliating Last Breath

Death Note
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In both, the Manga and the anime, Light’s role ultimately meets up a tragic end. And though he lived a life similar with misdeeds, as a viewer one can not help but feel terribly sorry for him. In the Manga, he reaches out for all of his allies only to believe that none of them are around him anymore.

During his final moments, he looks up to be scared and constantly repeats “I don’t want to die”, in his head. In the anime, he meets a relatively peaceful death, but it is sad nonetheless as he thinks about L during his last times.


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