Fortnite Season 6: Skins for Neymar, Lara Croft, and Raven are Available

Fortnite Season 6 Updates: Fortnite’s sixth season, as well as its new Battle Pass, has arrived. This time, players can obtain Lara Croft, FIFA legend Neymar Jr., and Raven from DC Comics.

A new season means a new Fortnite Battle Pass, with players able to gain Lara Croft, Raven, and Neymar Jr. skins. The new season kicked off on March 16 with a new narrative that featured all of the skins launched in Season 5 fighting it out in an Endgame level battle.

It is also the game’s biggest cinematic to date. Another reworked map, a new weapon crafting system, and even more await players in the new season.

Following the Thanos event in 2018, Fortnite began adding third-party franchise skins. Last season, players could purchase skins from popular franchises such as Halo, God of War, and many Marvel characters, among others.

Many people assumed that with Marvel’s inclusion in the game, DC Comics would enter the game in a bigger way than in the past. The latest Battle Pass trailer, at the very least, indicates that more DC superheroes will be joining Raven in the game.

Fortnite Season 6: Have a look on Skins

Players can obtain Lara Croft’s skin from Tomb Raider, Raven’s skin from Teen Titans, and an impending Neymar Jr. skin via the Battle Pass, as seen on Epic Games’ website. In addition to the base skins, each of them represents a different version of Croft and Raven.

Raven’s base costume is the most recent version of her in the DC Rebirth series. Her two outfits are classic and live-action Titans outfits from the DC Universe show.

Croft’s base skin is based on Crystal Dynamics’ reconstruct trilogy, while her costumes are based on her own; her second style appears to have walked right out of her season debut on the original PlayStation in 1996.

This season’s Battle Pass appears to have more of what viewers enjoyed in Season 5 – alliances between franchises and the inclusion of their characters.

It also appears that Epic has toned down the more original characters from Fortnite in order to make room for more of these franchises. Nevertheless, expect even more special outfits and events before another season ends on June 7.

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