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Chris Evans’ Captain America MCU Return Reports Debunked By Marvel

Captain America
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Captain America Updates: Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige denies rumors that are currently in talks with Chris Evans to return to the MCU as Captain America / Steve Rogers.

After almost a decade that inhabits the role of Star-Spangled Avengers in the franchise, the actor was officially withdrawn from the part by Joe and Anthony Russo Avenators: lately the reports began to deal with Evans in a certain ability to return Universe, which received the various opinions of the fanatics.

Endgame worked as a final installment of the Infinity Saga, the Thanos saw defeat at the hands of the Avengers. He also served a Swan song to emphasize some of the founding heroes of MCU to emphasize that the film is the end of Marvel Studios’ first, but both the man and the black widow, but they died that they died For the cause, the final, sacrifice the goal of the captain of America left the door for a potential return.

After the return of the six infinity stones on their respective time, it was further away. Back in the 1940s to collect and live a simple life with Peggy. He first returned to the MCU main tail bar to officially deliver the shield and coat of superheroes in Sam Wilson.

As the publication of the hawk and the winter soldier approaches assumes, some are in the idea that the reports on the return of Evans could materialize in the Disney + Show.

Captain America
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However, before the theories are crazy, feeling emerges and disturbed the rumor that Evans is concerned. The explanation says the same. Here it says what he said in a new interview with Ew:

“I rarely answer mo to anything anymore because things are always surprising me with what happens, but that rumor, I think, was dispelled rather quickly by the man himself”

Other Details About Captain America

While the idea of seeing Evans again at the MCU, when Steve Rogers is attractive, it’s the best thing that does not happen, at least not in foreseeable time.

The MCU is currently in a reconstruction period after the end of the infinite saga and brings back someone who returns a prominent character of his past, ultimately hinder its transition.

This could mean a more difficult moment for Anthony Mackie to assume his position since the next Captain America in the franchise, as long-term followers are clinging to the idea of Evans in the role. Given the return of Evans, it could also occur. Perfect shipping for your character.