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Superman & Lois Episode 3 Repeated A Smallville Story Almost Exactly

Superman & Lois Episode 3
Screen Rant

Superman & Lois Episode 3 Updates: Recently the television series’ Superman and Lois ‘ released the third episode that is streaming successfully. The third episode is titled ‘The perks of not being a wallflower’.

It is found that a particular spot line in the third episode almost matches Clark and Lana in the story of A Small Ville.

The third episode of Small Ville completely matches the story told in the third episode of Superman and Lois.

These two shows focus on two different time periods of Superman and already many similarities between these two shows have been found by the audience.

Clark is shown as a school teenager in one show and as a family man in the other. The first two episodes of Superman and Lois deals with Jordan ( Clark’s son).

Jordan inherits at least a portion of Clark. Jordan makes friends in his school by joining the football team using his superpowers. However, he joined the football team without getting his father’s permission.

Jordan knew that his father wouldn’t give his permission. And as expected Clark comes to know about Jordan joining the football team and opposed it. Clark was feared that Jordan may hurt the kids with his enhanced strength.

Superman & Lois Episode 3: Lana and her daughter Sarah.

Superman & Lois Episode 3
Screen Rant

Similarly, in Smallville’s episode 3, Clark was asked to join the football team when the coach saw his power of throwing the football. Also in that episode, Clark has joined the team without his father’s (Jonathan Kent) permission just like what happened in Superman and Lois.

In Smallville Clark’s father thought that it is irresponsible for Clark to play with the kids and also he had no confidence in Clark so he refused Clark to play football.

But in contrast, In Superman and Lois, Clark feared Jordan. The other similarities in the third episode of both the shows are Lana and her daughter Sarah. In Smallville’sthird episode, Lana quit her cheerleading squad at the time of Clark joining the football team. Clark expected that Lana would join him on the field but it doesn’t happen.

The stories of Jordan and Sarah( in Superman and Lois) completely match with the story of Clark and Lana ( in Smallville). This would definitely couldn’t a coincidence.

And also Jonathan ( Clark’s father) has decided to support Clark in the fourth episode of Smallville. And now in Superman and Lois, it seems that Clark would support Jordan in the upcoming episodes.

There is a lot of parallels between the two shows and it made the Audience eager about how the stories become different from one another.

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