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Black Clover Episode 168 Stills Get Dark with Nacht

Black Clover Episode 168

Black Clover Episode 168 Updates: Black Clover’s preview stills for episode 168 of the series get beautifully dark with Nacht’s full anime debut! Though the previous episode of the series officially circled out the final huge fight of the anime as a whole, the story is nowhere near over as Asta & the other Black Bulls were hit with their hardest loss yet Yami had been struggled and captured by Zenon of the Dark Triad.

As teased through the opening theme and a before cameo appearance hidden on one of the episodes, it is not completely over for Asta & the others as a new ally is heading their way.

Nacht was the point of the promo for Episode 168 of the series, and though he has yet to be named in the anime’s proper, he is also the focus of the first true look at Episode 168 of the series.

Not only do these preview still waves off Nacht’s full introduction to Asta, but they also give way one big unleash as to why he is so important for the rest of the Spade Kingdom arc. Check out the stills for Episode 168 below.

Black Clover Episode 168 Who is the Devil Host?

Black Clover Episode 168

168 episode of Black Clover has shielded “Stirrings of the Strongest”, and its description has few big unleashes so fair warning if you are hoping to go into the episode completely blind, “In order to perform the Advent of Qliphoth Festiv, Yami Sukehrio of the Black Bulls and William Vvangeance of the Golden Dawn were all to be taken by the Spade Kingdom. Nacht Faust, a thrilling wizard, and a Devil Host unleash in front of Asta.”

That is not the biggest of the reveals, although, like the rest of the brief details Nacht’s role with Asta in the series forward going, “Nacht says Asta that he will be teaching him how to use the power of the devil.

At the same time in the Clover Kingdom, an immediate meeting is held between the Captains of the Magic Knights. Yuno connects the meeting as the Vice-Captain of the newly destroyed Golden Dawn.”

Do you think of this first look at Black Clover’s next episode? Mysterious look to see how the anime’s going to come to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and also you can reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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