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A New Characters Of Apex Legends Was Revealed

Apex legends

Latest updates of Apex legends: Fuse, an explosive criminal from a backwoods world looking for fame, is the next gun-toting gladiator to join the battle on Apex Legends’ planet. For almost two years, Respawn Entertainment has been working on its Titanfall-inspired battle royale, widening a small pool of heroes into a murderer’s row of exclusive characters to choose from.

With small plot previews and in-game activities, they’ve even worked on fleshing out the mythology for the game’s world, bringing the futuristic combat to life, even though it all comes down to a massively multiplayer deathmatch at the end of the day.

The most recent major update to the game focused on Pathfinder, the game’s first villain, and his origins. A town takeover case based on one-on-one duels during a particular area of Horizon was included in the update. Unfortunately, the world of Apex Legends is running at a breakneck pace, so Fight Night is nearing its close, and a new update, complete with a new hero, is on the way. Data miners discovered a reference to a team deathmatch mode and a bow and arrow weapon inside the game’s newly updated code, suggesting there may be more to the update.

Apex legends Update:

Apex legends

Regardless of speculation, one thing is certain: the new character Fuse will be released shortly. Fuse and an unidentified female accomplice are seen pulling heists and surviving on the fringes throughout their lives in the new Stories from the Outlands trailer. The only thing that seems to tie them could be a golden grenade discovered in their early years, which they continue to trade in a game of one-upmanship as the year’s pass. Heavy metal guitars are used in the novel, which seems to tie in with the new character’s devil may care attitude.

There are currently no specifics about how Fuse will play in Apex Legends, but bombs or other explosives are almost certainly going to be at the forefront of his arsenal. It’s also possible that the golden grenade seen in the trailer would become significant to his character, perhaps acting as an Heirloom piece for him in the future.

Fuse’s trailer companion will appear in upcoming updates, but not explicitly as a playable legend. Outside of the sport, there’s plenty of space in Respawn’s updates to wrap up the tale that began in this trailer.

While the first month of 2021 has only just begun, Apex Legends has already had a strong start to the year. They’ve revealed an interesting new character that will add something new to the battle royale’s gameplay loop after a great compilation event with Fight Night.

Moreover, the speculated but unofficial updates to the game are as thrilling as anything already available in the game, going beyond battle royale and adding much-needed diversity for veteran players. It’ll be exciting to see how the pace of updates can be maintained during the year, as well as what else Respawn has planned for 2021.

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