Virgin River Season 3: Charmaine star leaves fans in stitches with Instagram fail ‘Wrong’

Virgin River Season 3 Updates: In the time of Virgin River’s two-season run, Charmaine ( this role was played by Lauren Hammersley) has become one of the show’s most talked-about characters.

And, with a third season on the way from Netflix, viewers are excited to see what the future holds for her and her relationship with Jack (Martin Henderson) (Alexandra Breckenridge).

Fans have taken to tracking the stars on social media for updates while they wait for news on the next season’s release date, but they were in for a surprise in Hammersley’s latest Instagram post.

With viewers and the cast and crew of Virgin River still in the dark about the release date of season three, Hammersley has turned his attention to home renovation. Despite the lockout and coronavirus limits, the actor has been updating her 8,787 Instagram followers on her new home.

Virgin River Season 3: Charmaine’s Instagram fail

However, she shared a snapshot of the interior of her house, which was shrouded with construction materials and looked very unkempt, indicating that there’s still a long way to go.

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“I promise this isn’t an episode of hoarders,” Hammersley wrote in a sarcastic message to her fans. This created the audience to get more curious about this series. there is no doubt this series will get success and a positive response from the audience. This series is one of the famous and Excellent series in American television series.

Others have praised Hammersley for her contributions when she is away from the Virgin River. One fan commented, “As long as you’re loving it, it’s the right order.” “It’s going along nicely,” a second confirmed, “and it’ll be fantastic when you finish and focus on your achievements.”

“This seems to be a fantastic place!! “I owe you credit for taking it all on, you are awesome,” said a third, while a fourth said, “keep up the hard work. So, as Hammersley’s Charmaine returns in the third season, what awaits her?

There’s a lot to think about, not least the fact that Charmaine is pregnant with Jack’s twins right now. However, Jack’s life is in jeopardy after Mel discovered him in his bar with a bullet wound in the season two finale.

The Audience was more anticipating to watch this series with high expectations. Previous seasons were made an immense success so this season has created a curiosity to the audience about its success. For more updates stay tuned.

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