Snowpiercer Season 2 Theory: Melanie’s daughter to take over train after Connelly clue

Snowpiercer Season 2 Theory: SNOWPIERCER season two is in full swing with Mr. Wilford’s attempts to take leverage away from Melanie Cavill beginning to crumble.

However, a recent quote from actor Jennifer Connelly may mean that her character will be rescued by none other than her long-lost daughter Alex. This is the idea.

Alex (played by Rowan Blanchard) and Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) had a very awkward reunion when the latter realized that her daughter was still alive at the start of Snowpiercer season two on TNT and Netflix UK.

After assuming that her child had died when she was younger, Melanie couldn’t hide her feelings to learn that Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) had really had Alex under his wing all these years.

Now a hardened and independent teen, Alex is always squarely on Mr. Wilford’s side-although there have been a few hints that she’s catching up with her mum. After all, in the first episodes of season two, Alex opened up to Melanie about how her grandparents refused to board Snowpiercer when the temperature of the planet started to fall.

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With Melanie still on board, the couple was split, only for Alex to end up with Mr. Wilford on Big Alice. And Alex is obviously not very comfortable with Mr. Wilford’s attempts to take care of Snowpiercer and Big Alice, which will possibly result in the death of Melanie, considering his thoughts on betraying him.

So will Mr. Wilford end up taking Melanie and Andre (Daveed Diggs) down on Snowpiercer, or will Alex throw a spanner in the work?

Well, a new interview with Melanie star Connelly suggests that Alex will come to the fore and follow her mother’s footsteps. The entire population of Big Alice is faithful to Mr. Wilford for obvious reasons, but so are a good number of people on board Snowpiercer.

Having been praised as the patriarch and savior for so many years, even though Melanie called the shots, Wilford still has a lot of followers on the train. But will Alex and Melanie be able to win over the survivors and defeat the evil Wilford?

Fans will have to keep tuning in to see if Connelly’s clue that Alex is going to repeat her mother’s performance comes to fruition.

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