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WandaVision: Randall Park Screamed Too Much While Filming His Fight Scene


WandaVision Updates: Randall Park, the star of WandaVision who is shown on screen as Agent Jimmy Woo tells his story about the fight scene which shot in episode 6.

The FBI Agent Jimmy Woo of the WandaVision that is the Randall Park shares his shoot experience where he says that he had screamed a lot while he was filming a fight in episode 6.  If we talk about the history of WandaVision, this is one of the series with a huge fan base.

This series WandaVision is debuted in the month of January of 2021. This is Disney +’s first-ever Marvel series in MCU. This series has given inspiration to many theories, the art of Fans, and many reactions. This series is considered to have most of Marvel’s twists, and this series is one of the most discussed series.

The uniqueness of the series is that the WandaVision has brought many known characters from elsewhere in Marvel Cinematic Universe. We can also say that Monica Rambeau plays an important role after him being into the show as a child in Captain Marvel.

Jimmy has gained a lot of attention for perfecting the card trick of Ant-Man and the Wasp, all along with this, he had another great time in the 6th episode, where he gets involved in the fight with Monica and Darcy against SWORD agents.

WandaVision: Randall Park


In an interview with Conam, WandaVision star Park have shared some action scenes with fight co-ordinators. He shared some moments where he has pulled aside, he screamed a lot which has created confusion to the crew.

He was asked why was he screaming that much, in return for this he said that he was scared. Then the question rose why was he scared, and then he was like maybe because he’s in a fight.

Later he was explained that this is Marvel, and in the Marvel, they don’t shout he was said that he can grunt as much he wants.

He shared that this was really tough for him not to scream when he was in that particular moment, he also shared his experience that they all worked together for next 2 week which helped a lot for his improvement. He also thinks that all this turned out to be pretty badass.

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