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Transformers Animated Show For Nickelodeon Introduces New Species Of Robot


Transformers Updates: The Nickelodeon show Transformers is going to introduce a new variety of Robots to its electric franchise. It is expected that the fans would definitely enjoy this new species.

The Transformer can be stated as one of the biggest toy production and has gained a huge number of toys after its introduction to the toy market in the year 1984.

Transformers is a brand which completely based on the toy line of Hasbro. Not only in the market but they have equally proven their importance in the screens and reels as well. Over the past 3 decades, these have been into many films and have featured in 6 live-action movies.

In the list of important franchises of the ViacomCBS, Transformers has never let itself down. The total revenue of these Michael Bay movies in addition of the Bumblebee spinoff, it is approximated to be near to the figure 4.84 billion dollars with the worldwide fans contribution.

With the box office breaking results, these films of Transformers currently have 2 films under development, in addition of these, there is a prequel of the animated story by Josh Cooley and one from Steven Caple Jr. (director of Creed 2).


Netflix is running The War for Cybertron trilogy at present and plans to work on another animated sequel with the title, Transformers: BotBots.

From the information received by THR, this upcoming series of Transformers is going to stream on the Nickelodeon channel. There is some additional information regarding the series as it orders for 26 episodes which are going to fill the screens of Nickelodeon.

With the information given we get to know that there are new species of Transformers who are going to introduce in the series and they have to gain their place among the Autobots, Deceptions, and humans as well.

With Transformers: Rescue Bot’s Nicole Dubuc being the executive producer, this upcoming show’s creators are engrained a lot in the Transformers and Nickelodeon.

We can say that the introduction of these new species to the Transformer series is an interesting development to the show. From this, we can say that the audience is desiring the change and also for the new storylines.

We now just have to see how impactful does this new species bring to the show and will change the concept of the Transformers further.
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