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Among Us Developer Revealed What the Game Looked Like Before Launch

Among Us

Among Us Updates: Among Us released in 2018, before the release the game looked like a retro game, probably the game made to be operated via a floppy disc on an old Macintosh from the year 1990.

The creator of Among Us, InnerSloth, has announced what how the Among Us game looked like before it had been released in 2018.

Although the game has been out for nearly 3 years, it was first launched on android and IOS in June 2018 and then on PC in November of the same year, but the game did not get that much popularity until 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The social deduction game, which features cartoonish graphics and the highest level perspective, and has pulled fans together during times of strife.

Among Us Look Revealed

Among Us has newly started to create its path to consoles, with a Nintendo Switch release scheduled for December 2020. The Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S models will be released in 2021.

Till now no information about the game whether will be released on the PS4 and PS5. Mods such as the New Roles Mod and the Revival Mod can be used to increase the entertainment on the PC.

Among Us

Although Among Us has a dedicated fan base, InnerSloth has revealed what the game looked like before it was released in 2018.

The designer of the game has posted a short video about the game getting played ready to release first on official InnerSloth Twitter, displaying an art style similar to the released product with a more retro feel.

The pre-released video clearly shows the game as it is actually available on the market, but it appears to be played on a Macintosh from the 90s with a floppy disc.

InnerSloth shared a willingness to keep posting the new innovation updates with fans through the posts. So, in the future, there might be more pre-release updates.

In recent times, the retro trend has undergone a revival in popularity. Fans had their first chance to keep their hands on few throwback gadgets with classic games at E3 2017, like the Atari retro handheld console.

The video which is pre-released by the InnerSloth about the Among Us has an art style similar to games from the Atari period or maybe even the Super Nintendo. Unless the designer had chosen to publish the game within that city, it would most likely have had no impact on the success of the game in 2020.

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