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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 7 Watch Online Live

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 7

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 7 Updates: The promo of Chicago Fire season 9, gives all the information about the storyline which is going to cover in this week.

An explosion takes place at the homeless camp leaving the entire Firehouse 51 on an edge. Making things more complex as one of our own people is in a dangerous situation.

Who is it? Cruz, it is him again to get into risk. This poor guy had got stuck in the elevators which are in the middle of two floors. Resulting from this, he might be left completely blown up, this would finally result in leaving him scars mentally.

Cruz is the guy who is just happy about the news about expecting his first child and he is in an excited mood completely. There is a chance of him getting a feeling for his job or even questioning it despite him loving the job. This is all because of the dangers he is get going through in recent times.

There is good news, that Cruz is not going to be alone in the 7th episode of Chicago Fire’s 9th season. He and his team are going to be around. To be honest, he is got his lieutenant, the captain continues to search for answers.

Murder Attempt on Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 7

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 7

In the 7th episode, it is found that Casey is furious about the attack. This was not an accident or any case of blowing the homeless camps up. But this was a planned murder, someone has attempted to kill people.

Casey presumably tells Chief Boden that it is a planned and attempted murder. He and Severide are curious to know the answers to many questions and things that are happening around them.

It is probable that we can able to see them in the middle of the investigation. There are also chances that we can see a couple of Chicago PD’s characters turn up.

So, is the story is going to be lighter this week? Maybe, we can rely on Ritter for this issue he finds helping a stranger.

For more details check out the promo and synopsis from the official sources of Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 7.

Do not forget to watch the episode online on Hulu, or any NBC network on 17th February.

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