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MCU Fantastic Four Origin In WandaVision Theory Debunked By Showrunner


WandaVision Episode 8 Updates: Despite some clever fan theories connecting Marvel’s first family to the iconic Disney+ series, The Fantastic Four won’t be debuting on WandaVision.

The Amazing Four reasons why they’re one of the few Marvel products that have not yet appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are one of Disney’s bigger goals going forward.

In WandaVision, there were some signs that the Fantastic Four might actually be in play. Following the Blip in episode 4, We Disrupt This Program, after Monica Rambeau returned to the land of the living, SWORD Director Tyler Heyward explained to her that Thanos ‘snap had eviscerated the space program and that many astronauts had lost their nerves following the world-shattering incident.

The Fantastic Four were initially astronauts who, after they were subjected to cosmic microwave background radiation, acquired their abilities.

In reality, CMBR received an overt shoutout in the episode, as the radiation was said to emanate from Westview, the town where a bizarre sitcom life is played out by Wanda Maximoff and Vision.

But there are no plans to rope in the Amazing Four for the film, according to a ComicBook interview with series producer Jac Schaeffer, and the references of CMBR and astronauts were coincidences.

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The Amazing Four in live-action have had a checkered history. In addition to a never-released version of Roger Corman in 1994, the Fantastic Four appeared properly on the big screen in a non-MCU 2005 film starring future Captain America Chris Evans as the Human Torch.

The film was a critical blast but made enough cash to warrant a sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, 2007, in which the team’s version fizzled out. With his 2015 Fantastic Four feature, starring the likes of Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, director Josh Trank attempted a fairly drastic renovation of the house.

Considering how much is occurring in WandaVision, it was likely too much for the series to take on the inclusion of a seminal element of the Marvel Universe like the Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four’s rights are now back in Marvel’s house, giving fans hope that a movie version worthy of the first family of Marvel could be just around the corner. Just don’t want Reed Richards and his mates to turn up too soon in Westview.


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