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Marvel’s Avengers Reveals New Hawkeye Details


Hawkeye Updates: Although everybody still has some time to wait until they can actually get their hands on Marvel’s Avengers’ next playable hero, Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, as part of a Crystal Dynamics developer gaming feed, we recently got some new info on the popular archer.

There’s no new video, but it offered a great glimpse into how Clint is going to play, and most specifically, how he’s going to be different from the previous hero, Kate Bishop, and it begins with an arsenal of bows, arrows, and blades.

Clint and Kate each have blades, but the variations will be clearly apparent, according to the developers, as Clint also swings his sword differently than Kate. He also has various powers to use in games and, of course, various heroics, and his traversal would be different because Kate can teleport (or blink) and Clint has no such skill.

In the arrows that Clint will shoot, these variations will also show up. Both Quantum Arrows and Explosive Arrows can be launched by Kate, and so far we know Clint will have Pulsar and Trip Wire Arrows at his disposal. Pulsar arrows behave like mines and attach to objects, allowing you to detonate them remotely.


On the other side, Trip Wire Arrows can fire in batches of three because they’re related by electricity, and they’ll push enemies back when they’re activated. Both of these demonstrate how Clint can play differently from Kate, as using Hawkeye to his full ability will take a bit of creative thought on the move and using the battlespace to your advantage.

We’re still excited to see what the Mastery portion of these arrows looks like since if you level Clint up a little, you can see all kinds of additional effects in the mix.

The official explanation for Marvel’s Avengers Hawkeye can be found below.

A unique twist on these famous Super Heroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor, is Marvel’s Avengers. In a cinematic campaign packed with single-player and co-op missions, this character-driven narrative explores true Marvel heroism and humanity.

The Avengers from Marvel is now available on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 now.


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