Resident Alien Season 1: Meet Alan Tudyk, Sara Tomko, Alice Wetterlund and rest of the cast of the Syfy series

Resident Alien Season 1 Updates: The story of an alien who crashes lands on Earth and assumes the form of a local doctor, tending to the needs of a very small town, Resident Alien.

It is not long before the experience of the doctor is called on to help solve the mystery of a crime, and to do so, he would first need to get to know the town’s inhabitants. Viewers waiting for the show will want to do the same, so for the forthcoming new Syfy season, we’ll take a look at the cast.

About Alan Tudyk:

Alan Tudyk stars as Harry Vanderspeigle, an alien who arrives on Earth in a crash and must pass himself off as a human doctor in a small town.

Tudyk is an Emmy-nominated actor better known for his roles as Walsh on Firefly, the K2-SO droid on Rogue One: A Star Wars Novel, and as the voices of Harley Quinn’s Joker, Clayface, and several others. He has co-created his own series, Con Man, where Nathan Fillion stars alongside him.

About Alice Wetterlund:

D’Arcy Bloom, the energetic bartender at the nearby pub who, as a former Olympic snowboarder, is also part of the avalanche management unit, plays Alice Wetterlund. A stand-up comic and actress, Wetterlund is known for her appearances in Silicon Valley, Citizens of Earth, and Shimmer.

Resident Alien Season 1; About Sara Tomko:

Asta Twelvetrees, a powerful and cynical medical professional who works at the town’s health clinic with Harry, plays Sara Tomko. Tomko is a television and theatre star better known for her Once Upon a Time and Sly Pete roles.

About Corey Reynolds:

Corey Reynolds plays Mike Thompson, the Sheriff. Corey Reynolds stars as Mike Thompson, the local sheriff who rules the city with a chip on his shoulder, a cowboy hat on his head, and an iron hand, according to the official Syfy website.

Reynolds is best known as an actor for his role in The Closer. He has also appeared in a number of other shows, including NCIS: Los Angeles, Masters of Sex and Murder in the First, as well as in films such as Selma and Straight Outta Compton. On January 27 at 10 pm ET, Resident Alien airs on Syfy.


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